Centrist entrepreneur joins the growing Republican field. Arguing against cronyism, lobbyists, an unequal tax system and the current divisiveness of politics, Oliverez stressed the need to find common ground and take good ideas from both sides of the aisle.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) July 20, 2015

Another Republican entered the presidential race over the weekend. Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur Esteban Oliverez announced his bid in a speech posted to YouTube that has already attracted more than a hundred thousand viewers.

Decrying the lack of bipartisanship in government, Oliverez made the case for his centrist platform: “I’m running because every candidate I’ve seen so far is campaigning to be President of only half of America.

“I’m running because there are more than two viewpoints in this country, but most of them are never heard. There are good ideas on the left and good ideas on the right. There are some awful ideas on both sides. You shouldn’t have to take the good with the bad just because we’re one of the few countries in the world that believes there are only two ways of doing things.”

Later, he added, “Politics should be about finding common ground, not one winner forcing their views on the 49% of voters who wanted a different path for America.”

Equality was a major theme of Oliverez’s speech, from the need to provide quality education regardless of economic status, to reforming the tax code to ensure millionaires and billionaires play by the rules. However, he also made it clear that success itself shouldn’t be punished.

Oliverez brought up welfare spending, recalling the time in his childhood when his family was evicted from their home. The family business, where he worked as a busboy, had just gone under. "It was the first time I’d ever been laid off. It was also the first – and only time – I’ve ever had to hug my boss to let him know it was going to be okay."

He explained that it wasn't until the economy improved and his father was able to find a good job that his family was able to pull itself out of poverty. "I want to spend less on welfare not by kicking people off of it, but by having real, sustained job growth."

On the issue of immigration, Oliverez called for a change in dialogue: “The debate shouldn’t be about treating immigrants with the respect they deserve, or our country’s right to have a secure border. These ideas are not mutually exclusive.”

Oliverez also touched on the issue of money in politics. “We can’t get rid of lobbyists, but we can get rid of the power the government has to favor one group over another. Our tax code is thousands of pages worth of carve outs and giveaways. We need to throw it out and ban Congress from giving special tax treatment to special interests. The tax code should treat everyone equally. The best way to get rid of lobbyists is to not give the government the power to do what lobbyists want in the first place.”

After acknowledging the low likelihood of lobbying dollars flowing into his campaign coffers, Oliverez made a direct plea for assistance: “I’m not a career politician. I wasn’t a politician at all until just now. I know there are no super PACs out there ready to spend billions to get me elected. If you’ve been listening, you know it’s also pretty clear I won’t be getting big corporate lobbying dollars. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I know the only way this campaign has a chance is with your help.”

Many viewers of the speech appear to have answered the call, with several using the comment section to volunteer their time and support for Oliverez's campaign.



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