ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In recent cycles, Republican campaigns have been outperformed by Democrats on ground game. For example, the 2012 Obama campaign reported over a million volunteers and a highly organized field program. To help level the playing field in the 2016 elections, Republic Computer Science ( is launching Republic VX, a new software platform aimed at helping Republican campaigns effectively manage their volunteer, staff and voter-contact efforts. As the 2016 presidential cycle fast progresses, Republic VX will provide a much needed boost to right-of-center campaigns in executing a winning ground game. Republic VX is built to streamline and improve campaign ground game in three areas: 1. Manage staff and offices With Republic VX, campaigns are able to efficiently organize a national or statewide ground game, with modern tools to build a campaign org structure, recruit new volunteers, manage data access policy and generate real-time field reports about volunteers and voter-contact. 2. Manage volunteers Volunteers are a key asset to a campaign, and Republic VX is a significant upgrade to how Republican campaigns manages their volunteers. Starting with a field check-in tool that tracks who is currently working at any field office, Republic VX provides a Field CRM to communicate effortlessly with volunteers, keep track of what volunteers are doing and reward the most active volunteers with loyalty points. 3. Manage voter contact Campaigns build ground game for voter contact, and Republic VX leverages its underlying Field CRM to provide the most integrated voter-contact tools on the market. With real-time reporting and a modern system for managing universes and scripts, and next generation mobile canvassing apps, Republic VX gives field staff everything they need to run streamlined voter contact programs. “Republic VX provides the software tools Republicans need to run a winning ground game. Our platform is robust, secure and scalable, building on cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. VX is built with data isolation, each campaign getting its own dedicated database to safeguard its valuable data. We are very excited to launch Republic VX and make it generally available to right-of-center campaigns today” said Azarias Reda, PhD – founder of Republic Computer Science Background Republic Computer Science ( is a technology startup based in Alexandria, VA. RCS was founded by Azarias Reda, who currently serves a dual role as the Chief Technology Officer of the Republican National Committee. Reda has experience spanning technology and politics, and holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Reda was named to Forbes magazine 30 under 30 in 2015 for his role leading the RNC data and analytics division in the 2014 election cycle. He was also recognized by Time magazine as one of 12 new faces in Black Leadership in the United States. Launch Press Kit A press kit is available at SOURCE Republic Computer Science RELATED LINKS


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