ATLANTA, Aug. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, if you are elected to office, will you allow this age old practice of exclusion to stand? President Barack Obama is this an issue you can get behind? Minority voters want to know that their concerns are being addressed before and after you are elected. On issues of injustice many minority celebrities have been strangely and conveniently silent. Today we reach out to people such as: Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Tyler Perry, Jay-Z, John Leguizamo, Jackie Chan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dr. Dre, P Diddy, Magic Johnson, Huang Xiaoming, Tiger Woods, Robert Johnson, Michael Jordan, and all public figures to leverage your celebrity for a worthy cause. The minority youth of America and MYMM need your support. NASCAR for over 50 years has had an Institutional Prejudice and injustice directly aimed at minorities as well as minority youth in Motorsport. NASCAR has a fear of Minorities getting into the massive revenue stream. It has been said to minorities, “If we let you in, you will take over, like you have in Television network, Films, the music industry, the NBA, and NFL.” MYMM is bringing awareness to this injustice. On September 20, 2015 we are up to 25 cities protesting the NASCAR and the NASCAR sponsors. Sponsors such as Sprint which has 57.7 million customers and Billions of dollars that are made off of the minority household are still supporting the white Elitist Bigotry attitude of NASCAR. Why has the practice of exclusion gone on for so long and been ignored by sponsors such as Sprint. There are many minorities that work in NASCAR and most are in the kitchen at the tracks serving and cooking food. Hispanics keep the grounds but are not to be found owning teams or driving stock cars. Sprint does this picture reflect your sentiment to the minorities that purchase your product and services? When we watch the Sprint Cup and tweet about it on our Sprint phones, are we to feel that you have no concern for your minority consumers? Sprint we can no longer stand by while you knowingly spend our dollars on a brand that discriminates against Americans. SOURCE Minority Youth Matters Movement RELATED LINKS


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