The founder of “Fabbrica Politica,” Matteo Spigolon, an italian political marketing expert, offers commentary on Donald Trump’s continued success with American (mainly republicans) voters

(PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 At just 34 years old, Matteo Spigolon is an Italian political marketing expert and the CEO of Fabbrica Politica who has studied the American political phenomenon known as Donald Trump, the billionaire candidate who seems unbeatable in the race to become the Republican candidate for President in 2016. Comparing Mr. Trump to a hurricane, because of the strength of his campaign and the extent of the devastation he has caused other Republican candidates, particularly Jeb Bush, Mr. Spigolon offers commentary on Donald Trump’s continued success with American (mainly republicans) voters and argues that “the Donald” has used three powerful strategies in his highly-successful quest. Those three strategies are #1, identifying the Target; #2, taking a strong Political Position; and #3, maintaining Focus. According to Mr. Spigolon, “First, Mr. Trump scientifically targeted the kind of voters he wanted to attract. Then he captured them by using the slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’.” In this one simple move, Donald Trump positioned himself as a winner and as America’s savior, something the ‘silent majority’ of American voters desperately want. The huge enthusiastic crowds who greet him see Mr. Trump as the only one who can revive the American dream and truly make America great again. Mr. Spigolon says Donald Trump’s campaign is an excellent example of political focus. Mr. Trump pinpointed one single issue: illegal immigration. Adopting such an ideologically distinct position can be polarizing, and that move did cost him some support. However, his focus on illegal immigration has proven to be incredibly popular and has attracted many new supporters. Better than any of his opponents, Mr. Trump understands that it is a winning issue, so he never misses the opportunity to repeat his message to his target voters. Who are Mr. Trump’s target voters? They include the “Dreamers” (who long for the “American dream”); the “Prestige Seekers,” or those who want to maintain American supremacy, which is under attack by competition from China and around the globe; and the “Lower Middle Class,” those who believe the country is unsafe because illegal immigrants are committing an ever-increasing number of crimes. Mr. Trump’s voters include the “Unemployed,” who also feel threatened by illegal immigrants competing for jobs. Pointing out that American companies are relocating to countries with cheaper labor costs, Mr. Trump uses the phrase, “I will bring back your jobs from China and Mexico. I will bring our money back to America.” Trump says companies that relocate for economic reasons are engaging in unfair competition, and to illustrate the point, he recently announced that he would never eat Oreo cookies again, because the company that produced the cookies moved its factory from Chicago to Mexico. About Matteo Spigolon : Matteo Spigolon has built many political candidates’ campaigns from scratch, both in Italy and elsewhere. He helps politicians become winning politicians, by helping them find the right target, create a strong political brand, and keep their political focus. For more information, visit


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