The man who wrote the book on “Body Language Secrets” says voters should pay close attention to non-verbal cues during the upcoming presidential debates. Such cues help provide clues whether a candidate is being truthful or lying, says author Michael C. Anthony (

TAMPA, FL (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 When Michael C. Anthony wrote “Body Language Secrets” he envisioned it primarily as a “how to” book for business executives and sales staffs. Little did he realize how many people would ask him to use that same knowledge to “read” presidential candidates. “How to Read Minds By Reading Bodies” is the sub-title of Anthony’s book. The best-selling author and popular corporate speaker is a client of (, a full-service ad agency based in Florida. Before the initial GOP debate Anthony was invited to appear on the nationally syndicated TV talk show “Daytime” to explain what non-verbal cues to watch for when candidates speak. Prior to the second debate he was asked to address that same topic on 680 News Radio in Raleigh, NC. That interview can be heard at The popular media guest will no doubt be asked his opinion many times during the rest of this year’s upcoming presidential debates, which include: Oct. 13 – CNN Democratic Primary Debate, Las Vegas, NV Oct. 28 – CNBC Republican Debate, Boulder, CO Nov. 14 – CBS News Democratic Debate, Des Moines, IA Dec. 15 – CNN/Salem Republican Primary Debate, Las Vegas, NV Dec. 19 – ABC News Democratic Primary Debate, Manchester, NH SOURCE- Anthony continues to assess and analyze what candidates are doing and saying. He was particularly intrigued by the rough-and-tumble characteristics of the GOP’s lively second group get-together. “It seemed they were looking for bar room brawls more than they were looking for opinions on the issues,” the body language expert said. “Regardless, there was plenty of non-verbal communication for us to see.” A few examples: TRUMP: “Donald continually used the ‘whip’ when turning to another candidate when they spoke. Instead of turning his head to view the other candidate, he ‘whipped’ the top half of his body. He wanted the current speaker to know he’s listening, and he may be attempting to intimidate by making his action so noticeable.” FIORINA: “Carly was on her game. She came out much more aggressively and confident than the last debate. Her arms and head moved to the beat of her words, which is pleasing to the viewer and helps her to be heard. She was the whole package.” BUSH: “Jeb, although he spoke better and had more energy, his body language showed otherwise at times. When he said, ‘I’m my own man,’ he shrugged his shoulders as if to say, ‘I’m not too sure’.” Overall, Anthony said he liked the CNN debate format. Why? “Because they often split the screen, and we could see other candidates when they didn’t know the camera was on them—which let’s us see them when their guard is down.” For more insights, visit Michael Anthony’s book “Body Language Secrets: How to Read Minds by Reading Bodies” (ISBN-10: 1499159552 ISBN-13: 978-1499159554) is available on Amazon at (Kindle, $9,99; paperback, $14.36) He also has a second book in the works titled, “52 Power Words That Sell.” In addition to being a successful author, Anthony is a popular stage hypnotist who travels around the world. He is also a respected corporate trainer who has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox. For more information, visit or visit Michael at ABOUT: Michael C. Anthony is a popular corporate speaker and sales trainer. He is the best selling author of Body Language Secrets – How to Read Minds by Reading Bodies. He is a client of a full-service ad agency. ###


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