Anoki Communications announces that Dr. Kesler Dalmacy and Dr. Ben Carson, two physicians running for president, are getting closer to the finished line. Recent polls show Dr. Carson ahead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, while Dr. Dalmacy received the support of a major Newspaper.

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) OCTOBER 18, 2015 Anoki Communications announces that Dr. Kesler Dalmacy and Dr. Ben Carson, two physicians with similar values and running for president, are getting closer to the finished line. Recent polls show Dr. Carson ahead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, while Dr. Dalmacy received the support of a major Newspaper. What is the philosophy of these two physicians, and how do the two compare in their quest for the presidency? One was born in 1950, the other in 1951. Both had dreamed of becoming a physician since they were toddlers. Both eventually realized their childhood dream and became physicians. The two would cross path in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1980’s; one as a fellow in Preventive Medicine at the University of Maryland, and down the block, the other was being trained as a neurosurgeon. Destiny has it that the two are currently seeking the highest office in their respective land. Who are those two seemingly unassuming gentlemen, and why are they in a quest to become president? Kesler Dalmacy was born on October 23rd, 1950 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Joseph and Perpetue Dalmacy. The oldest of a family of six children, Dalmacy’s childhood dream was to become a physician. After graduating from medical school, Dalmacy trained in General Surgery and in Pathology in New York, and later specialized in Preventive Medicine at the University of Maryland. He subsequently set up his practice in Brooklyn, NY, where he cared for patients who often traveled from very far to seek cure from his healing hands. For the 29 years Dr. Dalmacy has been in practice, he has been acclaimed by his patients, religious – political and community leaders as one of the greatest doctor and individual ever known. He has been the recipient of a number of honors and awards, earning him the title of “The Great Physician”. What make Dr. Dalmacy such a great physician, and why is he seeking the presidential seat? According to Dr. Marie-Ange D. Tardieu, plastic surgeon, medical historian and author of Doctors and Nurses in History, “The reason for Dr. Dalmacy’s reputation is his personality, his fascinating personality as a physician and individual. Whoever listens to him, whoever meets him always reports the magnetism of his personality, and develops a devotion to him. Though soft spoken and calm in nature, Dr. Dalmacy knows how to inspire people.” A true citizen of the world, Dr. Dalmacy has traveled as medical ambassador to Vietnam, Israel, Italy, Egypt, China, Cuba among others. Over the years, Dalmacy shifted his attention to the suffering of the people of Haiti. In an article published earlier this year, Dalmacy stated how it pains him to see Haiti continuously dwindling back and forth into decline, and spoke about what led him to seek the presidency. “I heard their stories, I heard their cries, and I heard their pleas. They told me about inexcusable deprivation, which caused their children to starve, their loved ones to die young of insignificant and preventable illnesses. They told me that they despise the insalubrities on the streets,” “I took notes, and it is their cries that inspired me to run” he added. In his address to the voters in Haiti last week, Dalmacy promises to recreate Haiti and offer a better future to each and every Haitian citizen. He promises a Haiti where every Haitian citizen will feel secured at home, in their workplace, and on the streets. He promises access to clean water, to free education, employment, better healthcare and sanitation. He also plans to make provision for every Haitian citizen to get a job to provide for their family, to have the possibility to social advancement, and for each person’s merit to be recognized. He is running on a platform to inspire, and to heal the country, while reviving a stronger faith in the Creator, optimal work ethic, respect for others’ individuality and properties. “I also want to inspire the younglings with my love of learning and my ability to forgive others. Haiti cannot exist without them. They are the future of Haiti. “We have to stop the bickering and the harmful thoughts we have about each other,” Dalmacy said. “Everyone has a good side. If you are patient and wait long enough, the good will eventually come out. You will see start seeing the good in someone, and then in everyone. You will eventually find good in all the people. The Haitian people are just in need of a leader to do just that for the country to prosper. To prosper we need at a minimum to be good to ourselves and to be good to others. Just inspire them to be good, and be patient. Just wait.” Across the Atlantic Ocean, in 1951, Ben Carson was born to Sonya and Robert Carson. As a child he has also dreamed of becoming a physician and he did. He then trained in neurosurgery at John Hopkins, and by the mid 1980s, became the youngest chief of neurosurgery known to Academic medical institutions in America. Carson’s career skyrocketed at Hopkins where he did the landmark separation of Siamese twins joined at the back of their head. He also performed other life-saving intracranial procedures, including operating on babies while there were still in their mothers’ womb, also earning him the title of “Great Physician.” Like Dalmacy, Carson went on to be the recipient of numerous honors and awards, and was selected by the Library of Congress as one of 89 living legends. In 2008, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Georges W. Bush. That same year, Dr. Dalmacy was invited by the President George W. and Laura Bush at the White House. Both Dalmacy and Carson are men of valor and high achievers who believe in the power of education. They both hope that, as president, they can inspire the younger generation with their love of learning, and to position Haiti and America better in the market place. Both Dalmacy and Carson were raised in family with a strong Judeo-Christian tradition. Dalmacy believes that a strong faith in the Creator is the recipe for a society to thrive and succeed. “Without the Lord’s blessings, nothing can be accomplished,” Dalmacy added. Those principles place Dalmacy and Carson as two individuals in a presidential race with comparable mission to heal, inspire, revive and recreate.” Dr. Kesler Dalmacy is a candidate in the presidential election that will be held in Haiti on October 25, 2015. He is campaigning in his mobile clinic, and is meeting the voters by touring cities and villages throughout Haiti, all the while, with a smile, dispensing free care, learning of the voters’ needs, and preaching love, peace, and harmony among the people of Haiti. If elected president, Dr. Dalmacy will be the second physician-president of Haiti, a country devastated by poverty and natural disasters. According to the slogan that is being radio-diffused throughout the country during the campaign season, “Haiti is sick, it needs a physician.” This week, Dr. Dalmacy’s candidacy has been favorably supported by Haiti Observateur, the oldest and largest Haitian-American Newspaper in circulation to date. Dr. Ben Carson is currently seeking the Grand Old Party (GOP) nomination. He is ahead of Hillary Clinton in the national poll. Most recent polls show that he is also ahead of Donald Trump, another contender for the GOP nomination


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