BALTIMORE, Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Politics of the new millennia lack two extremely critical components to success: tech knowledge and universal ninja perspective. Given the current crop of Presidential candidates, 35 year old Steve Gladstone has stepped out from the shadows as an Independent seeking to combat the “politics as usual” mentality. Using unalienable rights from the Declaration of Independence as his foundation, Steve seeks to breach the partisan divide like no one else can. “Enough is enough,” says the candidate. “Both parties have good points. Both have bad points. All we get are attacks at the opposition. Only together can we mend the partisan divide and push this country towards an America worthy of the 21st century, an America with policy forged in the fires of logic, reason, and critical thinking. Now is the time for our voice to be heard, one that speaks for all Americans, regardless of party.” Steve joined the race back in June with a full suite of platforms covering common topics like healthcare, immigration, education costs, lobbying, and tax reform. He also tackles topics no party wishes to touch. Intellectual property, digital security, and privacy form critical components to his campaign thanks to a career writing computer code. All issues are covered in detail unseen in other candidates’ writings, with hundreds of footnotes available to readers wishing to form their own conclusions. “Democracy in America is about education and awareness,” Steve explains. “My positions are based on research, research anyone else is welcome to look at. Leadership must come from a position of awareness in all sides of the matter. This isn’t about taking sides after all; it’s about maximizing our unalienable rights across the country, it’s about giving everyone the opportunity to turn their American Dream into reality.” Traveling around the world and practicing martial arts- including ninjutsu- for nearly two decades gives Steve a unique angle on world views and military strategy compared to current candidates. This perspective coupled with active engagement of others in social media distinguishes him from less tech savvy politicians. Not only did he build his campaign website by himself, but he plans to offer an online national polling system in the future. Is America ready for a political UFO seeking to do right by the people, for the people? Time will tell. Contact Information: Steve Gladstone P.O. Box 6565 Timonium, MD 21094 SOURCE Steve Gladstone RELATED LINKS]]>

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