Voters opposed to recreational marijuana, the Common Core standards, and increasing tuition at the University of Connecticut

SALEM, Va., Nov. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In Virginia, likely Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is tied with Republican hopefuls Ben Carson (44%-44%) and Marco Rubio (45%-41%), but leads Donald Trump (50%-36%), Jeb Bush (46%-39%), Carly Fiorina (46%-39%) and Ted Cruz (47%-39%), according to The Roanoke College Poll. Among presidential contenders, only Carson (35%-32%) and Rubio (29%-26%) are “above water” with regard to favorable/unfavorable opinions. The Roanoke College Poll interviewed 601 residents in Virginia between November 9 and 13 and has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. While Clinton leads or is tied in hypothetical 2016 matchups, her unfavorable ratings are very high at 47% (34% favorable and 18% mixed/don’t know). Only Ben Carson’s favorable rating is higher (35% with 32% unfavorable, 33% mixed/don’t know) and only Donald Trump’s unfavorable is higher (55% with 23% favorable, 22% mixed/don’t know). Marco Rubio is also in positive territory (29% favorable, 26% unfavorable, 46% mixed/don’t know). “There is good news and bad news for Hillary Clinton in these results,” says Harry Wilson, director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College. “While she is tied with or leads all the top Republican contenders, her unfavorable rating is dangerously close to the 50 percent often thought to make a candidate unelectable. The fact that most of her opponents are also ‘under water’ on that scale clearly benefits her.” “There is a very small percentage of undecided voters almost a year before the election,” he continues. “That suggests that this election will ultimately focus on turnout and on a very small number of undecided voters.” The poll also surveyed Virginians on job approval for President Obama and Governor Terry McAuliffe, as well as national and state efforts to reduce prison populations and reform sentencing practices for drug-related crime. For full results and methodology, visit: SOURCE The Roanoke College Poll RELATED LINKS]]>

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