NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Businessman and entrepreneur, Ken Fields has officially announced his bid as an independent presidential candidate for the 2016 elections. Taking a dig at GOP candidate Donald Trump, Fields has chosen as his campaign slogan “Greatness Must Be Earned”. Photo – “I for one believe that America never stopped being great. Our country has a long history of doing great things, of coming together and being the best that we can be. We shine our brightest when we accomplish the seemingly impossible and win against overwhelming odds. The spirit that makes America great is at the core of our country’s soul, and we have never stopped being great. But maybe we’ve lost our way and some of our purpose.” Transcribed from an earlier speech, Fields continues, “Lets pick a task, a battle as it were that we can fight, and that we can win, and that will give us the sense of accomplishment we need for ourselves to regain the title of “America, The Great.”” The primary issue of Fields’ campaign is his promise to commit the US to 100% renewable energy in 20 years, a plan that has been suggested by Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi. While the steps are not yet specifically outlined, on his website Fields suggests a series of actions to be taken including but not limited to: Create a GSE for renewable energy to provide guarantees, capital and liquidity. A 100% tax holiday for repatriation of overseas corporate capital as long as the money is invested in renewable energy technologies and financial instruments. Establish a Federal Carbon Tax and Dividend on fossil fuel emissions. An admitted gun owner Fields supports tougher and more consistent gun legislation, and cites Chris Van Hollen’s Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act as an excellent bill. Taking the stand that democracy should not be for sale, Fields is also committed to overturning Citizens United. While a seemingly late entry to the race Fields hopes to create a vibrant grassroots campaign to support his platform and ideas. To learn more about his positions and policy proposals please feel free to visit Eric Williams WheePR Media 917 975 3345 Email SOURCE Ken Fields Related Links]]>

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