4US2WIN and Vote it Loud have teamed up conduct minority voter research and host debate viewing parties during the 2016 presidential campaign.

WASHINGTON, DC (PRWEB) JANUARY 15, 2016 During Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate on January 17, 2016, 4US2WIN and Vote it Loud city managers will host viewing parties with onsite polling and focus groups for an array of minority voters in each local market. Key discoveries will be 1) Are minority issues represented? 2) What are the minority views on hot topics – terrorism, ISIS, security? and 3) Who has the minority vote? Since June 2015, Voter groups from various communities including African, African American, Asian, Caribbean, Hispanic, Jewish, Native American and Women have joined in to contribute their views in polls and debate night focus groups. Baseline data generated from research partner firm 4Us2Win in June of 468 minority voters across 5 battleground states revealed among other things that 50% of minorities do not necessarily approve of the Democrats performance in Congress. The baseline study also found that 80% of voting minorities who participated in this poll feel empowered and can impact national elections. These and other insights from the minority baseline study sparked the national Vote It Loud initiative and now 10 cities are talking. The complete poll results and analysis memo can be viewed at http://www.voteitloud.com. Who – 4US2WIN and Vote It Loud are hosting viewing parties in 10 battleground cities on Sunday, January 17 2016 during the Democratic Debate with the specific goal of gathering immediate reaction to the performance of each candidate by a minority cohort. VoteitLoud.com What – The 2016 Presidential Election promises to be another heated election between both parties where important issues for the future of the country will be addressed that will impact all Americans, and particularly the growing minority community nationwide. These 10 viewing parties, in distinct battleground arenas, will attract active, minority citizens who are eager to learn more about the candidates and solidify their opinions and support for their Democratic nominee. Where – On Sunday, January 17, 2016, 10 cities have been selected to host these viewing parties, specifically to capture local viewpoints about these Democratic candidates. The finalized cities are: Arlington, VA, Denver, CO, Charlotte, NC, Cleveland, OH, Jacksonville, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Miami, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Richmond, VA. Go to VoteItLoud.com for details. Vote it Loud is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation established to inform people of color that civic engagement can be used as an effective means to change politics as usual and bring about meaningful social and economic change. Our mission is to provide people of color with information about the power and importance of their vote and how to harness that empowered vote – organize, mobilize and engage – to bring about change both at the local and national level. Objectives include (1) Gathering minority political viewpoint data sets, (2) sharing minority policy views and interests, and (3) providing action oriented political engagement strategies, tactics and messaging. Press Contact: D. Morgan 202-306-3075 dmorg1470(at)gmail(dot)com.


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