Newly Released Poll of 10,000 Vehicle-Owners Offers Surprising Results About Political Preferences

BOSTON, Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Prius owners are more likely to support Ted Cruz and Hilary Clinton than the general population, while Dodge owners favor Donald Trump, and Honda Fit and Subaru Forrester enthusiasts “Feel The Bern,” according to data generated by car-shopping site BestRide and nationally syndicated radio program CarTalk. The findings stem from a poll of more than 10,000 respondents, who were asked what car they drive and which presidential candidate they backed. In a report issued today, the following results were determined: Toyota Prius owners are 40% more likely to support Hillary Clinton than the general population. More surprising, Prius owners are 126% more likely to support Ted Cruz than the general population. Dodge owners favor Donald Trump 50% more than the general population. Sanders and Clinton supporters register the highest EPA-estimated fuel mileage, tied at 28.5 MPG. Republican candidates had the lowest average, with Trump supporters at just 23.6 MPG, and Rubio and Cruz-backers tied at 24.7. As for highest MSRP, supporters of Green Party candidate Jill Stein drive cars averaging almost $40,000. They’re also the least likely to drive what most Americans do, with a paucity of Honda Accords, Ford Fusions and Toyota Camrys. Among electric car owners, 86% of responses were for a Democrat and 14% were for a Republican. About has more 5.5 million new and used car listings from automotive dealers nationwide. The BestRide Publishing Network is visited by more than 23 million car shoppers each month providing them with comprehensive pricing information, in-depth automotive research and reviews, side-by-side comparison tools, and more, all in an easy to navigate website. About CarTalk CarTalk was created by Ray Magliozzi and his Brother, Tom, and airs on more than 600 NPR stations across the country. Car Talk also produces a nationally-syndicated newspaper column that appears in more than 300 papers, the web site, and associated social media channels. Known for its hilarious and brutally honest approach to cars and car repair, the Peabody Award-winning Car Talk has engendered millions of loyal followers who otherwise find car buying and repair a difficult and off-putting process. SOURCE BestRide; CarTalk RELATED LINKS Journalists and Bloggers Visit PR Newswire for Journalists, our free resources for releases, photos and customized feeds. You can also send a free ProfNet request for experts.–subaru-forrester-owners-feel-the-bern-300224718.html]]>

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