Ballot initiative requiring politicians to wear logos of their top ten donors collects 250,000 signatures in three months

SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) APRIL 01, 2016 John Cox, the Chairman of the California Is Not For Sale Initiative, announced that the campaign to require California State Representatives in Sacramento to wear the names of their top sponsors while on the Floor has gathered over 250,000 signatures, putting the initiative on track to make the April 26th deadline of 365,000 signatures. The Initiative, which received Title and Summary on December 31, 2015, began collecting signatures in early January. “Across the state, people are really excited about our idea and that’s because people are tired of this corrupt and stupid system that breeds corruption. You’ve got people who want something from government, and they finance and staff the campaigns of the people who make the decisions. Now on our planet, that’s called corruption but in California today, that’s business as usual but the people here are tired of it. And our 250,000 signatures shows that, said Cox. In the past months, professional signature gathering efforts have been supported by organized protests across the State. With 120 lifesize cutouts of the entire State legislature covered in logos of the their donors, the group has held protests in LA, San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Francisco in the past three months. The events often lead to dramatic confrontations such as last month at the Democratic Convention in San Jose when Assemblyman Rich Gordon (D-Palo Alto) happened to walk by the protest and was confronted by his own lifesize cutout. The California Is Not For Sale Initiative comes at a time when the entire nation is experiencing a meteoric rise in spending on political campaigns. Cox said of the spending, “Special interests give money to politicians with the expectation of a return. They have a bottom line to protect and a cause to advance. If giving $50,000 to a handful of Assemblyman buys them votes or an advocate on the inside, it’s worth the investment. And they don’t have to look hard for politicians who are taking donations.” The campaign has been funded by Chairman Cox, who has committed $1,000,000 to get it on the ballot. Registered California voters can download, print, sign, and return the Initiative from this page. For more information, visit]]>

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