Write In Trump For Prez is a grass roots campaign to launch a write in campaign for Trump if he is robbed of the nomination at the Republican convention. The campaign is seeking pledges from 1,000,000 Trump voters to influence the unbound delegates at the convention to cast a first ballot vote for Trump.

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) APRIL 28, 2016 As the GOP primary season draws to a close Trump voters are on the edge of their seats. The question is whether or not Trump will reach the 1237 delegates before the convention. Write In Trump for Prez has launched a campaign to help influence those unbound delegates. The campaign seeks 1,000,000 Trump voters to pledge a write in vote for Trump in November if the GOP steals the nomination from him. According to John Czerw, founder of the campaign, “It is our belief that since Trump has the most votes and delegates by a wide margin he should be the nominee. If the Republican party does otherwise it will be committing suicide. The current goal of Write In Trump For Prez is to avoid such a fiasco. Failing that we will be there with resources for a write in campaign since the Republican Party will have turned their back on us.” The Write In Trump For Prez campaign will communicate results of the campaign with the GOP establishment to hold them accountable. For more information and the PLEDGE visit http://www.writeintrumpforprez.com


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