It’s Just Lunch Survey Says 33% of Singles Had a Date Ruined by Political Disagreement; 22% Say It Harmed or Ruined a Relationship

SAN DIEGO, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — While the Republican leadership is deciding whether or not to support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, some singles are signaling that political controversy is a major turn-off when it comes to romance. In a new survey of 1,384 singles conducted by specialty dating service It’s Just Lunch, when asked “Has a date’s political opinions ever ruined a date for you?” 33% said yes. Of that 33%, 15% gave their date another chance but 18% never wanted to see the other person again. Singles who labeled themselves as “more conservative” were the most sensitive to the other person’s political proclivities: 41% considered their meeting ruined and 21% wouldn’t give their date a second chance. “Political differences can be a deal breaker for some singles when it comes to romance,” says Irene LaCota, spokesperson for It’s Just Lunch. “Not everyone has what it takes to be in a relationship with their political opposite, unlike Mary Matalin and James Carville. But if you do date someone you disagree with, it helps to be sensitive to the other person’s political views, rather than to put them down.” LaCota says the best approach if you’re going to talk politics is to tread lightly. “If you see that it’s an area of disagreement, your best bet is to change the subject to something less controversial. 63% of singles (and a whopping 73% of conservative singles) avoid this problem altogether; they report they only date people who have similar political opinions and beliefs. Vincent Kobayashi of Malibu, California says he’s only interested in woman he sees eye to eye with on the issues. “It’s definitely best to get that out of the way early.” For some singles, differing political views indicate deeper issues for a potential relationship. Missy Singer, of Lyons Colorado says that “although choices might be different between partners, underlying values need to be aligned. Thus, I would probably choose NOT to date someone long term with a different political view.” Flexibility is important, according to San Rafael, California resident Luly Betancourt. “If the other person is rigid it’s a no go,” she says. “That’s the start, middle and end of it.” But Betancourt doesn’t hold out much hope for a relationship that includes differing political beliefs. “I can respect someone else’s perspective and values. But living with someone whose values are very different is an unnecessary challenge. Relationships are a delicate balancing act.” As to that old adage to never discuss politics, especially on a date, 69% of singles found it to be at least potentially positive. 41% believed that talking politics on a first date was risky, but it could make for interesting conversation and 28% said it was a perfectly fine way for two people to see if they connect on an intellectual level. LaCota says that today there are obviously no hard and fast rules about political talk and dating people with similar views: “The right chemistry can overcome anything. Sometimes people are just made for each other, in spite of major disagreements on any number of things, even politics. Sometimes politics really does make strange bedfellows.” It’s Just Lunch is a personalized dating service for busy professionals. The company has coordinated over two million dates for clients since opening in 1991. It’s Just Lunch minimizes the stress and maximizes the efficiency of dating by sending people on casual, no-pressure dates over lunch, brunch or drinks after work. IJL’s team of dating specialists and matchmakers, not a computer, perform the matchmaking. The company services over 150 cities in the US, Canada and internationally. SOURCE It’s Just Lunch]]>

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