As the political discussion around Donald Trump’s proposal to build a physical barrier along the southern border of the United States and Mexico heats up, so too do the costs, as experts conclude the wall would cost up to triple current estimates. Cost of the Wall visualized in an easy to embed Infographic.

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(PRWEB) AUGUST 19, 2016 An in-depth investigation by into the actual costs of building a wall between Mexico and the USA has delivered staggering results. The easy to embed Infografic can be found under: Utilising expert opinion, the study found that the project costs are far more than Donald Trump has claimed. When materials and labour are taken into account conservative estimates put the amount at anywhere between $15-25 billion. This figure does not include land acquisition and maintenance once the project is complete. The study also analysed levels of support for the project and who could end up paying. Although the costs of the wall are high, appetites for it are not. Survey results revealed that just 33% of respondents felt immigrants were a burden to the country and its infrastructure, while 59% thought that immigrants strengthened the United States. In total, 38% of registered voters were in favour of the wall being built. Unsurprisingly this support comes almost entirely from Republican voters with 67% of Republicans backing the wall compared to just 13% of Democrats. A huge 84% of Trump’s supporters back his plan to erect the barrier. Just who would shoulder these extreme costs is another pressing issue. While Donald Trump maintains the Mexican Government should pay, it has publicly refused. However, Trump has indicated he could take measures to force Mexico to pay. The study found that if implicated, these measures – including increased visa and working fees issued to Mexicans – could result in the Mexican people paying for the wall and not the Government.

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