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SACRAMENTO, CA (PRWEB) OCTOBER 20, 2016 This election, voters face long ballots and are being asked to weigh in on a wide variety of critical issues. Whether you vote early, by mail, or on Election Day, we’ve made the decisions easier. After careful study and analysis, the League of Women Voters of California has recommendations on 11 statewide ballot measures: YES on Prop 51: California’s six million students can’t reach their full potential without access to safe, secure schools, in good repair and equipped to provide every student a 21st century education. YES on Prop 54: The Legislature Transparency Act will make our state government more open, honest, and accountable, by empowering all Californians to review, debate, and contribute to the laws we live under. YES on Prop 55: This measure is key in maintaining economic recovery and growth by continuing the current, higher income tax rates established in 2012 for the wealthiest two percent of Californians. Prop 55 helps our children thrive! YES on Prop 57: This measure focuses public resources on keeping dangerous criminals behind bars, while rehabilitating juvenile and adult inmates and saving tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. YES on Prop 58: Proposition 58 frees parents and their schools to provide the best educational opportunities for all California children regardless of their first language. NO on Prop 59: Eliminating the corrupting influence of money in our democracy is a vital concern. Unfortunately, this vague, poorly drafted ballot measure is not the solution. YES on Prop 63: This measure closes loopholes in our laws and helps keep deadly weapons out of dangerous hands. It regulates ammunition sales like gun sales and ensures that people who have committed serious crimes give up their guns after conviction. A pair of competing measures, Propositions 62 and 66, deal with the death penalty: YES on Prop 62: Proposition 62 replaces the death penalty with life without the possibility of parole. The death penalty is biased and does not reduce or deter crime in California. Voting yes will save taxpayers $150 million per year and eliminate the very real risk of executing an innocent person. NO on Prop 66: This poorly written measure would fast-track the death penalty — denying citizens due process and greatly increasing California’s risk of executing an innocent person. It raises significant constitutional issues and could cause more delays, increase taxpayers’ costs, and add layers of bureaucracy. Propositions 65 AND 67 both involve the plastic bag ban passed by the Legislature in 2014: NO on Prop 65: Large players in the plastic bag industry spent millions to put this disingenuous initiative on the ballot, creating a distraction that could thwart California’s efforts to rein in plastic bag waste and litter. Don’t be confused; Vote NO on 65 and vote YES on 67. YES on Prop 67: Proposition 67 will retain California’s plastic bag ban. The question on a referendum like Prop 67 is not intuitive; vote YES to keep the 2014 statewide law prohibiting single-use carryout bags. Don’t let out-of-state plastic bag industry players stop our progress! Visit our website for details on our recommendations and use our The League Recommends flyer to print and share: “The League fights for just and responsible public policy—making life better for all Californians,” said League of Women Voters of California President Helen Hutchison. “Join the fight and vote with the League on November 8!” she added. How does the League make ballot measure endorsements? We only take positions on ballot measures based on current advocacy positions and League principles. Positions are developed based on grassroots member study and consensus. Where can you get more voting information? Visit our online voter guide, Voter’s Edge California for detailed information on all candidates and state and local ballot measures and to find your polling place: About the League of Women Voters of California: The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Membership in the League is open to men and women of all ages. With more than 90 years of experience, the League is one of America’s most trusted grassroots organizations. Read more about the League of Women Voters of California at ###

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