By using the same method, Master Feng has correctly predicted over 100 elections including the 2000 Bush win and the 2008 Obama victory. He has a 100% track record of accuracy.

Master Yu Gui Feng Donald Trump has Presidential energy; Hillary Clinton doesn’t have Presidential Energy; Melania Trump has First Lady energy. Master Feng AUSTRALIA (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 07, 2016 Today, Master Yu Gui Feng, a world leading Feng Shui Master with x-ray and natural psychic abilities, has stood by his previous Trump win prediction made on Sky News on Thursday, September 22, 2016. Based in Australia and with methods that cut through the logic cluster of any given event, Master Feng has never hedged his predictions after 30 years of research. Other startling predictions in the run-up to next week’s U.S. Presidential Election include: “Trump has Presidential energy” “Melania Trump has First Lady energy” “Hillary Clinton doesn’t have Presidential Energy” In Chinese history, the highest level of healers and Feng Shui Masters are Masters with x-ray eyes. Master Feng possesses a unique gift and reads personal energy colors and those of homes and businesses. He pinpoints strengths and weaknesses – highlighting dangers before they happen. The White House has dark Feng Shui energy forces. “The White House has black poison arrow energies pointing towards the heads and chests of the occupants, this could lead to serious head & chest related issues” observed, Master Yu Gui Feng. “Since 1913, almost all Presidents have died of fatal issues in the head and chest. In all, 10 out of 11 U.S. Presidents such as Lyndon Johnson, a heart attack, Richard Nixon, a stroke, Ronald Reagan, Alzheimer’s disease and John F. Kennedy, assassination” The Master explained that people do not realize there are vast bodies of energy outside the physical world affecting lives. “The red energy color indicates career success, love, and health, while black energy results in financial ruin, business failure, divorce, illness and even death. The leader of a country requires only the purple energy color and the White House’s purple yang energies point towards Donald Trump, which means he will enjoy events more favorable than unfavorable leading up to Tuesday’s election. Conversely, there are yin black energies pointing towards Hillary Clinton. With these energies in place, Trump will cut in front of Hillary and win the 2016 election.” About Master Yu Gui Feng: Master Yu Gui Feng, a world leading Feng Shui Master with x-ray and natural psychic abilities. He is a descendant of King Wen who was the founding father of Feng Shui and has been using his abilities to better people’s lives since he was just 8 years old. His unique gift has been featured on national television, including Sky News and Networks 7, 9 and 10. Master Feng was born in China and has resided in Australia for the past 20 years. After being invited to lecture at La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne, he was granted permanent residency and citizenship of Australia. “I’ve been given the gift of x-ray vision, a sixth sense that allows me to see the energy colors of objects and buildings, as well as those inside the bodies of people. This allows me to understand the true source of Feng Shui problems and disturbances.” Master Feng has spent over three decades reading and analyzing personal energy fields. No other person in the world can match his remarkable powers. Whether reading a person, a world-famous celebrity or a head of state, his phenomenal ability never fails to reveal to his subjects the true nature of their being, heretofore unknown even to them. Master Feng’s ability to read people’s energy fields is also widely applied in the areas of business and politics. Master Feng can instantly tell people about threats and opportunities simply by watching them walk into their home or place of business. Visit the following websites to discover more about Master Yu Gui Feng Media contact information: Master Feng Email: Qi(at) ###

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