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California: Alameda County: Vietnamese. Los Angeles County: Vietnamese. Orange County: Vietnamese. San Diego County: Vietnamese. Santa Clara County: Vietnamese. Texas: Harris County: Vietnamese. Tarrant County: Vietnamese. Virginia: Fairfax County: Vietnamese. Washington: King County: Vietnamese.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MONDAY, DECEMBER 05, 2016 Census Bureau Releases 2016 Determinations for Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act December 05, 2016 Release Number: CB16-205 DEC. 5, 2016 — The U.S. Census Bureau released today a list of 263 jurisdictions across the nation that must provide language assistance during elections for groups of citizens who are unable to speak or understand English adequately enough to participate in the electoral process. These determinations are pursuant to specifications, as amended in July 2006, in the Voting Rights Act. The list, published in the Federal Register, identifies which jurisdictions are covered by Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act and must provide language assistance for Hispanic, American Indian and Alaska Native, and Asian language groups. The Census Bureau has made these determinations following each decennial census since Section 203 was enacted in 1975. In 2006, Congress specified that the Census Bureau use statistics from the American Community Survey following the 2010 Census to conduct these determinations every five years. The determinations released today use data from the 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-year estimates. The 263 covered jurisdictions make up 3.3 percent of the 2,919 counties and 4,943 minor civil divisions that comprise the political subdivisions in the United States which were calculated for the Section 203 determinations. There are 68,800,641 eligible voting-age citizens in the covered jurisdictions, or 31.3 percent of the total U.S. citizen voting-age population. The 2016 determinations found a total national population of 21,739,327 voting-age citizens subject to minority language assistance that reside in the 263 covered jurisdictions, compared with 19,209,431 and 248 jurisdictions in 2011, an increase of 13.2 percent. The determinations found a total of 16,621,136 Hispanics, 4,760,782 Asians, and 357,409 American Indian and Alaska Native voting-age citizens in the covered jurisdictions. A complete list of which jurisdictions are covered, including which language minority groups are included, can be found in the Federal Register Notice. In support of this Federal Register Notice, and as done with past publications of the Section 203 language determinations, the Census Bureau is releasing a set of public files presenting the underlying data used to construct these determinations. This file and information about this file can be downloaded from the Census Redistricting Data program website at .

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