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Leading New Jersey Entrepreneur To Fundraise for “One Tough Cop”

FAR HILLS, N.J., Jan. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In August 2016, former cop and NY super cop Bo Dietl announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City. In a recent twist, however, debate has arisen about which party Dietl will be allowed to represent. While the GOP would love Dietl to run as a Republican, Dietl is seeking to challenge current mayor Bill de Blasio as a Democrat. Regardless of how the legal wrangling works itself out, New Jersey entrepreneur Tom Maoli announced on December 12, 2016 at the New York Viceroy Hotel Roof that he is fully supporting personal friend Dietl either way. “With my business ventures now spreading across the bridge to NYC, it’s much more important that we have elected officials who are transparent, honest and not bought and paid for by special interests. We need to level the playing field for everyone,” says Maoli. “Bo Dietl’s long and distinguished career proves he cannot not be bought. And, I can personally vouch for his integrity. That’s why I am supporting his run for mayor. I spend lots of time in New York City, and the people of New York City deserve better than Bill de Blasio.” Continue Reading Tom Maoli, on the right, will be supporting Bo Dietl (L) during his run for New York City mayor. Dietl announced his candidacy in August of last year. Tom Maoli, on the right, will be supporting Bo Dietl (L) during his run for New York City mayor. Dietl announced his candidacy in August of last year. Richard “Bo” Dietl was a New York City Police Officer and Detective from June 1969 until he retired in 1985. During that time, he was one of the most highly decorated detectives in the history of the police department, with several thousand arrests to his credit. In 1998, Dietl authored his autobiography, “One Tough Cop.” He founded and is current CEO of Beau Dietl & Associates and Beau Dietl Consulting Services. Dietl is also a media personality, lending his expertise on matters concerning the law and national security on Fox News and “Imus in the Morning.” Bietl’s decision to challenge current Mayor DeBlasio stems from the various scandals surrounding the mayor. The Observer online puts it this way. “First, it appeared to be politics as usual. We’re referring, of course, to the mayor’s hobbyhorse campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages from New York in exchange for a $1 million contribution from a group called NYCLASS. “Then there was the sale of the nursing home on the Lower East Side where friends of the mayor managed to get a deed restriction removed. Next came the police corruption scandal with several of the mayor’s contributors receiving significant favors and improperly awarded gun licenses. Then there were campaign finance abuses so startling that the State Board of Elections called them “willful and flagrant.” After that came a garbage bag contract for a political donor. And now federal and Manhattan prosecutors are looking into a sweetheart deal for the development of property held by the Brooklyn Heights library. Every week there seems to be another serious scandal involving Mayor de Blasio or those close to him.” Maoli’s involvement in politics is not new. In 2009, he was a member of the Executive Finance Committee for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In 2015, he was named to Governor Chris Christie’s Presidential Leadership team, and last year he joined then candidate Donald Trump for President’s fundraising team and then served on the Trump transition team. Tom Maoli will use his prodigious fundraising ability and business network to help Dietl get his message out, regardless of whether Dietl runs against de Blasio in the New York City primary as a Democrat or in a general campaign as a Republican. Maoli states “I am behind people who do not have an agenda, are honest, loyal and want to make things better and cut out the red tape for business men like me.” Contact: Larry M. Weiner, APR, Fellow PRSA 201-674-8247 SOURCE Tom Maoli

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