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The Karmacratic Party to give voice to centrist/moderate women and others who feel alienated and unrepresented by contemporary political systems

NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A petition is now on calling for the creation of a new and inclusive political party — the Karmacratic Party — that will function as an antidote to the poisonous nature of today’s political climate. On Valentine’s Day (February 14) at 3pm EST, the party’s organizer, Darlene Lieblich Tipton, will hold a rally outside Trump Tower in New York to celebrate the launch of the official website at The petition needs 100 signatures to have it go LIVE and start the ball rolling on this new political movement. The Karmacratic Party seeks voters from all walks of life whose politics are generally centrist and moderate, and who feel left out of the modern political process — especially in the wake of Donald Trump’s surprise election. “We’ve reached a point where many if not most Americans are being inadequately represented by the two-party system,” says Tipton. “Both major parties are antiquated, dysfunctional, bloated, obsolete, and corrupted by the toxic influence of Big Money.” The Karmacratic Party is the vision of Darlene Tipton who was inspired by the recent Women’s marches, and especially by the grassroots activists energized by the Indivisible Guide. Darlene was also motivated by the movie HIDDEN FIGURES about the brilliant black women who were indispensable in getting our manned space program off the ground while fighting white male bigotry on two fronts: first as women, then as women of color. Says Tipton, “I can’t stand stupidity. Ignorance can be cured through education; stupidity can’t.” Ms. Tipton is reminded that she was not allowed to go to the university of her dreams, Harvard, because that school did not admit women at the time. “A small minority of white men control our government, our businesses, and virtually every other aspect of our lives. And these men care nothing about others. They only value money and the power it brings.” Darlene’s mission is to unify and mobilize Women together with the Centrist/Moderate elements of our country, and embrace ALL genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, colors, beliefs, religions and non-religions, for political change. Considering the state of affairs today, the Karmacratic Party will have a frenetic agenda virtually from day one. With the über-conservative elements of the Republican Party in near-total control of the federal government, an assault on the Constitutional rights of every American is already underway. Women are sensing this dire turn of events, and women are likely be the first to see their basic liberties curtailed. Beyond individual rights in the here and now, the current leadership in Washington is undermining the vitality of the next generation and of the planet itself. “The Karmacratic Party is not a hoax, parody, spoof, or social experiment,” concludes Tipton, “but a sincere effort to restore sanity to government. ‘We the People’ will rise up and resist the fascist regime that’s even now consolidating its hold on the instruments of power.” About Darlene Lieblich Tipton Ms. Tipton is a forty-year veteran of network TV production with CBS and FOX. She earned her BA from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Darlene is an active member of the Red Hat Society, owns a pet waste removal company, is a breast cancer victor, an author, a former Co-Chair of the Daytime Emmys, an award-winning movie producer, and is also a five-time Jeopardy Champion. is funded by which, in turn, was funded by a wrongful termination settlement Darlene received from Fox television after she was fired just short of her 25th anniversary for sending one personal email from her Fox account. See her Biography below for more information. Contact: Darlene Tipton, Organizer 866-854-8635 Biography Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube SOURCE The Karmacratic Party Related Links

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