Theo tin Hoan Dang

Dear Friends and Neighbors, I am a trained engineer and program analyst. I am trained to solve complex problems. When I see a problem, I see a challenge, and I find solutions. That’s why I’m running for the County Council, At-Large. Montgomery County is a great place to live, but we are facing long standing challenges that demand solutions. More residents are working multiple jobs to stay afloat, affordable housing options are not keeping pace with population growth, the achievement gap among our County schools is unacceptable, and traffic congestion for our residents is getting worse. As your next County Council At-Large member, I will work hard every day to find solutions to these problems and put the needs of people over politics. As a refugee, community activist, engineer and program analyst, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges. Now I’m ready to face them for you. Here are a few things you can be sure of if you elect me as your next County Council At-Large member: 1) I’ll work with communities affected to find concrete solutions to the new challenges we face. 2) I’ll have your back, whether you’re from Bethesda, Germantown or Damascus. I’m here to represent and serve you regardless of where you live in the County. 3) I’ll be here to listen to your concerns. My door will be open and my phone will always be on. I won’t hide behind a packed schedule or back to back meetings. In fact, if you have a problem right now, click here to contact me. I’d love to hear from you. I look forward to meeting as many county residents as possible during my campaign and learn about what’s important to you. In the meantime, check out my issues page to learn how we can collaborate to bring the best solutions to Montgomery County. We’re in this together. -Hoan Dang By Authority: Hoan Dang for County Council- Tonia Bui, Treasurer]]>

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