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Ken Christensen, CEO of Christensen & Associates Inc., who works in U.S. Congressional Democratic politics releases a statement regarding the recent string of losses experienced by the Democrats. Christensen says these losses are a wake up call for the Democratic Party and Democratic Candidates for U.S. Congress running to defeat incumbent Republicans.

WASHINGTON, DC (PRWEB) JUNE 26, 2017 The following statement was written by Ken Christensen and are his own opinions. “Democratic campaigns for U.S. Congress must implement new campaign tactics, strategies and messaging in order to win in areas where we need to pick up seats to win back the U.S. House. The string of recent losses for the Democratic Party has been hard for Democrats. The way Democrats will win in the future or have a chance to win back the U.S. House is to change tactics, strategies and create overall emotional messaging based on creating family wage paying jobs and building a stronger economy including messaging on strengthening Labor Unions. Democratic campaigns must also create strategic emotional messaging on issues important to persuadable switchable voters. Naturally campaigns must use proven professional campaign management, communications and advertising strategies that work. The Democrats must also use emotional motivators to build trust and support among voters who voted for an incumbent Republican in the past but could potentially be persuaded and switched to vote for a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in the future. For example an important voter demographic is Senior Citizens. We must recognize that the most important persons in their lives are their children and grandchildren and then ask each Senior Citizen voter what the most important issue is for them. Then the campaign can create an individual issues strategy for each Senior Citizen voter. Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress running to defeat incumbent Republicans need to connect here first in order to build an emotional connection between Senior Citizens and the candidate. Direct voter contact focused on Senior Citizens connecting on an emotional level will be one of the keys for Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress trying to defeat incumbent Republicans. Democratic U.S. Congressional campaigns must invest in research to determine an overall strategy to connect with all the various voter demographic groups based on voter modeling and micro market strategic issue messaging through intensive grassroots door to door campaigning backed up by phone banking, targeted direct mail and digital media to the various groups of potential persuadable switchable voters accordingly to win in 2018.” Ken Christensen recently wrote an article for Campaigns & Elections magazine on Voter Modeling & Targeting and Micro Marketing. ### Kenneth S. Christensen is the CEO of Christensen & Associates Inc., a Democratic Washington, DC based firm focused on political strategy, campaign fundraising and voter modeling & targeting services for U.S. Congressional Democratic campaigns. Connect: |]]>

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