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Discussion event to feature J.B. Pritzker, Chris Kennedy, Alderman Ameya Pawar and Illinois Senator Daniel Biss

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) AUGUST 21, 2017 The Chicago Leadership Alliance, a coalition of Chicago’s top young leaders, will host a town hall event featuring four candidates for the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor for Illinois’ upcoming election. The event, titled “The Future of Illinois,” will offer a unique, all-access opportunity for attendees to get to know the Democratic candidates running for Governor of Illinois and will take place on Wednesday, August 30th 2017 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. CT. The event will be in a town hall format, featuring a 25 minute Q&A session with each candidate who will be asked predetermined questions created by the Chicago Leadership Alliance. Confirmed candidates for the event include J.B. Pritzker, Chris Kennedy, Alderman Ameya Pawar, and Illinois Senator Daniel Biss. “I first got involved in politics as a community organizer, when I saw issues in my community and knew I couldn’t just sit on the sidelines. Seeing what was possible when hundreds and thousands of people like me came together to demand change inspired me to run for office for the first time, and inspires me to run for governor now,” said Illinois Senator Daniel Biss. “That’s why I’m excited to see organizations like the Chicago Leadership Alliance bringing young leaders together to discuss problems in their communities and how they can influence the path forward. After all, that’s what this election is all about—Illinoisans coming together to set our state on a new path, one that includes all of us and works for all of us.” The Chicago Leadership Alliance is a local Chicago organization dedicated to bringing together Chicago’s leaders. This event is geared towards helping young Chicago citizens get a better understanding of critical issues specific to the audience facing the state, and how each candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the Illinois 2018 gubernatorial election will handle those issues. The event is also supported in partnership with a number of other local Chicago organizations, including, The Executives Club of Chicago, New Leaders’ Council, A Better Chicago, World Business Chicago, and various arts organizations. “Chicago has a great foundation of young, professional leaders, and we wanted to make sure they have access to information about the upcoming election, its candidates, and the issues which face our state,” said Jeff Rosset, Co-Founder and CEO of the Chicago Leadership Alliance. “By making a Q&A like this available to the members of The Chicago Leadership Alliance, our partnership organizations, and our like-minded peers, we intend to better engage a critical voter demographic to set their long-term vision for our state.” Tickets for the event are limited, and, those looking to listen in on the conversation are encouraged to visit the event’s live-stream page. While questions will be preselected by the Chicago Leadership Alliance, attendees interested in sharing questions are encouraged to do on the event landing page. To learn more about the event, submit a question, or sign up for the waiting list, visit About Chicago Leadership Alliance The Chicago Leadership Alliance (CLA) is a 501(c)(3) Social Enterprise run by Social Entrepreneurs, whose mission is to connect and empower local leaders for the purpose of creating meaningful impact and progress in Chicago. The CLA provides our community of members with a platform to engage with Chicago’s many great civic and social organizations. We also serve as a forum to leverage collective resources, talents, connections and ideas – all for the purpose of launching social-impact initiatives, benefitting others and to accomplish otherwise unobtainable objectives. For more information about the CLA, please visit]]>

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