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Philadelphia public school teacher and candidate for Mayor of Conshohocken, Yaniv Aronson, will release his traffic safety plan for the town.

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 28, 2017 Conshohocken mayoral candidate, Yaniv Aronson, is set to release his traffic safety plan for Fayette Street as Election Day draws near. Aronson, a Philadelphia public school teacher, sees pedestrian safety as a top priority. As the town continues to evolve and thrive, so do residents’ traffic safety concerns. “Most people in Conshohocken know all too well about pedestrian safety hazards. We have either experienced it first hand, or heard about an incident from a neighbor. A key responsibility of the Mayor is public safety and this responsibility should not be ignored,” Aronson said ahead of his traffic safety plan release. “I am committed to protecting the safety of our children and all community members by implementing a comprehensive traffic safety solution.” Aronson details his traffic safety solution in a plan that will be distributed to Conshohocken residents beginning September 27, 2017, and posted on This is an issue that requires serious attention, and Aronson has outlined a cost effective, unobtrusive, and easily implementable plan. Keep a look out for Aronson, as he will be door knocking throughout the borough, and will happily answer residents’ questions regarding his vision for Conshohocken. Those interested in more information about Aronson’s campaign can visit or email info(at)aronsonformayor(dot)com. The general election is November 7th. About Aronson: Yaniv Aronson is a Philadelphia public school teacher, local community college professor, and volunteer. As Chairman of the Conshohocken Plymouth Whitemarsh Rotary Club, he has built an energetic community volunteer organization that has worked on dozens of service projects including Schuylkill River Trail cleanups, Gambone Park trail maintenance and tree planting, food drives for the Colonial Neighborhood Council, the Conshohocken Beer Festival, borough streets trash cleanup, restoration of the Londonbury Dog Park, and more. Aronson is also a member of the Conshohocken Borough’s Environmental Advisory Council, and has worked with LoveConshy, Conshohocken’s Chamber of Commerce, to ensure the environment and local small businesses remain priorities in Conshohocken’s rapid development.]]>

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