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Independent candidate gives another option to voters who can’t find themselves in the current political landscape of the special election

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Nov. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Independent candidate Chanda Mills Crutcher is providing Alabama with a write-in option for the contentious U.S. Senate Special Election to be held on Dec. 12, 2017. Crutcher is a 43-year-old pastor and mother of five that grew up and lives in Huntsville, Alabama. She is married to Darrell Crutcher who has over 17 years experience as an educator in Madison County. Over 2.9 million registered voters did not vote for either candidate to represent Alabama in the United States Senate. With less than 30 days to campaign, Chanda Mills Crutcher hopes to rally those that have removed themselves from the process. “If good people continue to sit down, we all lose. Alabama has the potential to be a great state, yet we’ve become comedy for the country and our country is becoming a joke to the world. Let’s not let this happen on our watch. Dec. 12 is our chance to raise a united voice!” says Crutcher. Chanda Mills Crutcher on Why She is Running and Why Now: “I have five children that are going to inherit the conditions that we create and allow to happen today. We all have to do our part in leaving a legacy of economic stability, a solid social infrastructure and the core values necessary to sustain thriving communities,” says Crutcher. “Millions are being spent on political campaigns by those interested in outcomes that don’t impact the very fabric of who we are – our people! Our poverty levels are devastating. People are leaving our state to find adequate mental health and long-term care options elsewhere. Our veterans are forgotten and our minorities are the majority of those impacted by institutionalized racism. Unborn babies are being killed by the babies that carry them and we need to be present for both! Yet the Federal Election Commission reports that millions are being spent to benefit the questionable strategies of mainstream candidates. Let’s complete the conversation about campaign reform.” “I’m a graduate of Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama, and the Judson College for Women in Marion, Alabama. My husband has been an educator for over 17 years. I know Alabama from the ‘haves to the have-nots’ and I love our state and believe in our potential to be better and do better!” Dec. 12 is a very important crossroad for our state. Don’t disengage because you are unsatisfied with the Republican and Democratic options. Write in Chanda Mills Crutcher for U.S. Senate. Contact us at Related Links website Related Video SOURCE The Campaign To Elect Chanda Mills Crutcher For U.S. Senate Related Links]]>

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