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The upset victory of Doug Jones in Alabama’s special election for U.S. Senate was propelled in part by centrist voters, according to exit polls. This outcome presents an opportunity nationwide for electing more centrist, independent leaders who can restore common purpose and common sense to Congress and work to improve the lives of the American people.

DENVER (PRWEB) DECEMBER 13, 2017 WHAT: Doug Jones’ upset victory is a win for principles over party. In a deep red state, Alabama voters rejected partisan dogma and instead voted for decency and common sense. Jones won independents by more than 8 points – an important factor in his victory. Centrists swung this election. Liberal and conservatives overwhelmingly stuck to their partisan corners, but nearly 75 percent of moderates broke for Jones, according to Edison Research exit polls. With Jones’ victory, Congress will likely be even more deadlocked, as Republicans razor-thin majority makes it extremely difficult for them to pass major legislation while Democrats, bolstered by another Congressional victory heading into 2018 midterms, are unlikely to compromise on any issue that gives Republicans a win. This is why it’s now important to elect centrist, independent leaders who can restore common purpose and common sense to Congress and work to improve the lives of the American people, not the two dominant parties. As the GOP’s majority in the Senate narrows, the possibility that just a few independents could control the balance of power dramatically increases. WHO: NICK TROIANO, executive director of The Centrist Project. In 2014, Nick ran for U.S. Congress as an independent in Pennsylvania’s 10th District. Previously, he co-founded and ran The Can Kicks Back, an organization that advocated for bipartisan deficit reduction proposals. JOEL SEARBY, senior strategist for The Centrist Project. He’s a 10-year veteran of political campaigning and leadership development. In 2016, he served as campaign manager for Evan McMullin’s independent presidential campaign. WHERE: Available by phone, in-studio or Skype. To schedule media interviews, please contact Dennis Bailey at dennisb(at)gabrielmarketing(dot)com or call (202) 733-3444. ABOUT THE CENTRIST PROJECT: The Centrist Project was founded in 2013 and advocates a philosophy that independent candidates can be a catalyst in Congress and state legislatures to disrupt political dysfunction, break the gridlock of the two-party system and serve the American public instead of party bosses and special interests. By providing prospective, independent candidates with access to the tools, training and talent they need to run competitive campaigns without traditional party support, The Centrist Project seeks to strategically elect a handful of independents to closely divided legislatures at the state and federal level. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter: @CentProj.]]>

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