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An Opportunity to Return Home – Polls Suggest

NASHVILLE (PRWEB) DECEMBER 21, 2017 2020 Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Hart Cunningham, announced today the possibility of moving his campaign headquarters to his home state of Tennessee in response to a recent poll. While still early in the campaign, Cunningham is tracking ahead of his opponents with loyal and strong support. Unafraid to tackle America’s most challenging obstacles, he has a focus on the top one thousand issues facing America and the world. “Cunningham embodies the hopes of all citizens to deliver on the economic and environmental needs of families across the United States,” said a Memphis, TN native. There’s been much speculation where the Cunningham campaign headquarters will be based and during an online video, Hart Cunningham, a charismatic human rights activist, lowered his normally fervent tone and looked earnestly out at the screen in response to the question if he’ll be making the move to his home state of Tennessee. As the 36th largest state and the 16th most populous, Tennessee is a highly attractive option for Cunningham’s campaign main offices. Nearly 90 candidates have already put forward their names to join the race for the Presidency in 2020 and Cunningham is already creating a stir with his video series on Instagram and YouTube. His Presidential campaign addresses the vast inequality existing in the American society, environmental pollution and climate change, while focusing on the empowerment of women. For more information on Hart Cunningham visit: or]]>

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