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LINDEN, N.J., Dec. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — NJ State Senator, and Democratic Chairman, Nicholas P. Scutari, along with Linden Democratic Club President, Joseph C. Bodek, announced the 2018 Democratic Team Campaign Kick-Off to re-elect Linden Mayor Derek Armstead for a second term. The event will also feature the election of 8th Ward Councilwoman Michele Yamakaitis as council president on Thursday, January 18, 2017, 7 p.m., at Nuno’s Pavilion in Linden, NJ. “I am proud to support Derek Armstead For Mayor and Michele Yamakaitis for Council President, as well as our entire democratic team,” said Senator Scutari. “Derek and Michele will continue to work to bring the City of Linden together, and their economic agenda will move the city forward.” Mayor Armstead, with family roots that go back over 90 years in the town, will begin his re-elect campaign to lead the city top office for a second term after historically becoming Linden’s first African American mayor following more than 20 years in the city council. Identical to Scutari’s remarks, Bodek believes endorsing and supporting this 2018 democratic ticket is in the best interest of the residents, and businesses. He went on to state that, “Under the leadership of Mayor Armstead and the democratic team, Linden has made substantial progression on many fronts starting with the multiple redevelopment projects in town to repealing and eliminating the residential regressive garbage surcharge.” Bodek added, “That the election of this 2018 democratic ticket will move the city forward.” After having to run off the party line for many years with only the support of city residents, volunteers, family and his wife, Mayor Armstead said, “I’m honored to be receiving the support of both Senator Scutari, and Democrat President, Bodek. It shows the confidence they have in me and my administration in moving our city forward.” He went on to state that, “Over the past three years, the Linden community and, just recently, key council members, have shown the same confidence in me by embracing my vision in stabilizing taxes, continuing strong economic development and focusing on public safety putting Linden residents first.” Mayor Armstead added that “By everyone working together, we can continue to live up to our city slogan of community, diversity and progress.” As part of the democratic team campaign kick-off, Mayor Armstead has selected long-time democrat, and 8th Ward Councilwoman, Michele Yamakaitis, to join the team as his candidate for city council president. When informing Councilwoman Yamakaitis of his decision and with her acceptance, Mayor Armstead said, “Michele brings a wealth of experience equally to the city and position. She is the ideal candidate helping to guide and drive our vision forward. Additionally, Michele will be paramount in bringing back order to the council and she has the leadership that the council president position requires.” In receiving the offer to join the ticket and finding out about the campaign team kick-off, Councilwoman Yamakaitis said, “Once elected, we will finally get Linden back on track with a council and Mayor working together, which is an important component for the advancement of the city.” She went on to state that, “Our residents deserve better and we will be there for them.” Councilwoman Yamakaitis was grateful for the opportunity and excited about being able to extend her influence to residents, and businesses city-wide. She was also adamant in wanting 8th ward residents to know that they will not be forsaken because of her new opportunity. After all, she said, “The Yamakiatis’ family has lived and worked in Linden for many years, so desertion isn’t something we do. The mayor is creating a formidable team and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.” The democratic campaign team kick-off will also host the re-election of 1st Ward Councilwoman, Lisa Ormon, and 9th Ward Councilman, Armando Medina. “I’m thrilled about being on this democratic ticket and the prospect of having the full support of the party,” said Councilwoman Ormon. “Since I have had to run off the party line and won in the past, this is a different opportunity for me, my 1st ward residents, and the Mayor, who continues to deal with multiple personalities with hidden agendas that oppose his vision by voting no, which prevents the city from moving forward.” She added, “I’m looking forward to campaigning and working together for us to become a stronger and a more united party like we were in the past, which will help my 1st ward residents and ultimately move the city forward.” Of hearing the news about being on the 2018 democratic ticket and part of the campaign kick-off Councilman Medina said, “I’m pleased to be a candidate on the democratic ticket along with Mayor Armstead and other candidates. Over the past few years, I have witnessed the Mayor work tirelessly bringing new development in town to implement his vision in moving the city forward. The Mayor is doing a great job. United as a team, we will be able to accomplish more in the future for the residents and businesses of Linden.” Residents, businesses, supporters and volunteers are encouraged and invited to participate in the 2018 Democratic Campaign Kick-off by calling Karen Sheehy, 908-862-2130 or emailing Mayor Armstead, CONTACT: Danie Orelien 908-403-3880 (Cell) SOURCE Paid For by Armstead for Mayor


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