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Imagine Then Vote to Award $36,000 in Music Contests

(PRWEB) JANUARY 04, 2018 Today, Imagine Then Vote, a civic engagement group focused on improving voter turnout through music, announced songwriting and video contests with prizes totaling $36,000. The contests are open to all individuals – young and old, professionals and amateurs alike. Imagine Then Vote seeks to create a song that every citizen in the nation will sing in preparation for the 2018 election. Imagine Then Vote will hold two contests to create this song, starting with a songwriting contest that is currently open for submissions. Imagine Then Vote is looking for a song that powerfully inspires civic engagement and captures the title of the project “Imagine Then Vote” in lyrical form. The project’s advisory board will carefully select a winning song and award $10,000 to the first place songwriter. Second and third place winners will receive $5,000 and $3,000, respectively. Using the same award structure, Imagine Then Vote will later hold a video contest to select the best video performance of the winning song. All genres are welcome, and applicants can use the original song or put their own spin on the musical arrangement. Imagine Then Vote will use a crowd-sourced vote on its social media platforms to decide the video contest winners. “We look forward to every American citizen singing his or her favorite version of the winning song and getting inspired to vote in the 2018 election,” said Michael Rothman, a co-founder of Imagine Then Vote. About Imagine Then Vote: Imagine Then Vote is an initiative created by a collective of citizens dismayed at low voter turnout in recent years. Imagine Then Vote seeks to inspire American citizens to engage in their civic duty. Modeled off of traditional anthems, war songs, and protest songs, Imagine Then Vote believes that music can be a powerful agent in motivating people to vote. Imagine Then Vote Contact: Michael Rothman Cell: (617) 686-3556 Email: ImagineThenVote(at)gmail(dot)com ###]]>

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