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HONOLULU, May 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In the most recent and largest poll of likely registered Democrat voters, Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa holds a commanding lead over incumbent David Ige. The poll was conducted by Qmark Research of Honolulu from April 21 to May 7, 2018. It included registered voters with a history and likelihood of voting in the 2018 Democratic Primary Election to be held on August 11, 2018. It should be noted that the study period of this survey began after the Ige campaign had begun its TV advertising and was completed before the Hanabusa campaign TV advertising was launched. The total sample size was 888 individuals statewide, including voters from Oahu (477), Maui County (99), Kauai (75), and Hawaii Island (237). The mixed mode methodology included live caller contacts to landline telephones and mobile phones, as well as online survey contacts, approximately one-third using each mode. (To ensure greater accuracy, the survey did not include so-called robo calls.) The margin of error for a total sample of this size (n=888) is +/- 3.36 percentage points with a 95% confidence level. To date, this is the largest Democratic Primary sample size and lowest margin of error in a poll this election cycle. RACE FOR GOVERNOR In the poll, registered voters who indicated a likelihood of selecting the Democratic Ballot in the upcoming primary election were asked which of the top candidates for governor they would likely support if the election were held today. It showed Colleen Hanabusa holds a greater than 2:1 advantage over the incumbent David Ige, 52% to 23%. Undecided/Don’t Know voters comprised 19%. Even if David Ige could capture the entire undecided vote, he would still fall well short of closing the lead Hanabusa holds. At just 6%, Clayton Hee is a relative non-factor in the race. Hanabusa’s lead over Ige is more pronounced on the Neighbor Islands where she holds a 36-point advantage over Ige. On Oahu, Hanabusa’s lead is 27-points. Looking only at those who say they will “definitely vote” in the primary, or who have a strong history of “always voting” in primary elections gives Hanabusa an even larger lead over Ige: 57% to 21%. Significantly, Hanabusa holds double-digit leads in every demographic group: ethnicity, gender, age, geography, union/non-union, years in Hawaii, employment, and conservative or liberal ideology. Among voters of Japanese ancestry, Hanabusa captured 60% of this important demographic segment compared to 18% for Ige. Among Caucasians, Hanabusa holds a 22-point lead over Ige, with an even wider gap among Native Hawaiians (33-point lead). FAVORABILITY RATINGS Among all of the candidates for governor tested, Colleen Hanabusa receives the highest favorability score (mean/ratio). Nearly two-thirds (64%) of potential voters polled currently have a favorable opinion of Hanabusa. Nineteen percent hold a negative view of her, while 14% have yet to form an opinion. FAVORABLE UNFAVORABLE NO OPINION RATIO FAV:UNFAV MEAN Hanabusa 64% 19% 14% 3.36:1 2.46 Ige 42% 42% 15% 1.00:1 1.99 Hee 19% 27% 41% 0.70:1 1.90 Hanabusa is strongest on the Neighbor Islands where 69% have a favorable opinion of her while just 14% think negatively. Her numbers on Oahu are also solid (62% favorable, 21% unfavorable.) Female voters tend to have a more favorable opinion of Hanabusa with an only 15% unfavorable showing. David Ige did not fare well in any group, receiving a 1:1 favorability ratio, meaning for every favorable opinion there was a corresponding negative sentiment toward the governor. Clayton Hee received significantly more unfavorable opinions than favorable. KEY CANDIDATE ATTRIBUTES Registered voters were also queried on their reasons for choosing Hanabusa over Ige. When asked which candidate they associated most with each favorable attribute, they selected Hanabusa as the leader in every category: ATTRIBUTE HANABUSA IGE “Is a strong leader” 60% 14% “Communicates clearly” 57% 13% “Gets the job done” 52% 19% “Has a deep understanding of the issues” 49% 17% “Is an ethical officeholder” 42% 26% “Cares about Hawai’i” 42% 18% ISSUES OF GREATEST VOTER CONCERN Registered voters were asked about some of the largest campaign issues facing our community, and then ranked the ones of greatest importance to them. Key findings of the most relevant issues included: Homelessness is something that Oahu (19%) voters identified as their top issue and did so in greater numbers than their Neighbor Island (9%) counterparts. Female voters were more likely to select either education or jobs and wages/minimum wage as their most important issue than were male voters. Younger, less affluent voters were more likely to select jobs and wages/minimum wage as their top issue. Filipinos in particular appear more concerned about this topic. Affordable housing is more likely to be selected by liberals, while the economy was the top choice among conservatives likely to vote in the Democratic Primary. Legalizing recreational use of marijuana and legalized gambling were not considered significant compared to other issues. PROFILE OF SURVEY RESPONDENTS OVERALL COMMENTS ISLAND Oahu 71% Weighted to population estimate of adults 18+ Big Island 13% Maui County 11% Kauai 6% OAHU Metro HNL 33% Random sample. East HNL 11% Windward/ North Shore 15% Central 25% West 16% VOTE HISTORY All/Most 85% Majority have voted in all or most of the elections since eligible. Some/Few 12% 1st Time voter 3% POLITICAL PARTY Democrat 87% Screener ensured high proportion of Democrats in sample. Independent 7% Republican 2% Refused 5% UNION HOUSEHOLD 38% BORN IN HAWAII 62% RESIDENCE Own 67% Rent 29% AGE 50.65 ETHNICITY Caucasian 28% Targeted proportion based on estimate of adults over 18 years of age. Japanese 28% Hawaiian 18% Filipino 13% HSE INCOME < $50K 21% $50K-$100K 36% $100K+ 32% Refused 11% GENDER Male 45% Targeted proportion based on estimate of adults over 18 years of age. Female 55% SOURCE Hanabusa for Governor

ANNAPOLIS, MD. (PRWEB) MAY 27, 2018 An Anne Arundel County Prosecutor for over 25 years, Kathy Rogers announced her candidacy for the State’s Attorney of Anne Arundel County on September 26, 2017. Kathy is one of the most experienced candidates in the current field, having successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases, most resulting in the incarceration of criminals committing the most heinous of crimes including murder, rape and child abuse. During her tenure as a prosecutor and Deputy State’s Attorney, Kathy also served as the Supervisor of the Sexual Offense Unit of Anne Arundel County and successfully prosecuted the first PCR-DNA case in the State of Maryland as a DNA expert. Her commitment to the protection of the citizens of Anne Arundel County, especially children, is the hallmark of her career and the motivation behind her decision to become involved on the political level, with the goal of depoliticizing an office that she strongly believes should be solely focused on putting away criminals for the safety of the families and citizens of Anne Arundel County. Restore Integrity, Improve Effectiveness Witnessing a continuation of ethical violations and investigations surrounding the State’s Attorney’s Office of Anne Arundel County in recent years, Kathy is entering the political arena with the goal of restoring integrity and effectiveness to the office and increasing the conviction rate to deter criminal activity in the County. Kathy, a Republican, faces incumbent State’s Attorney Wes Adams in the upcoming Primary on June 26, 2018. She then plans to square off against Democratic Candidate Anne Colt Leitess in the General Election. She sets herself apart from both candidates with her views on how to address the growing problem of opioid addiction and the handling of criminal cases involving drug dealers in the County. Kathy believes that taking a tougher stance on those convicted of illegal sale of opioids and heroin that are directly linked to overdose deaths can lead to a decrease in both. “Kathy Rogers is an experienced prosecutor who possesses the moral courage to be aggressive in the prosecution of drug crimes and gang-related activities infecting this County. She is a conservative leader with the motivation to quickly address issues affecting our communities. She is not one to sit back and watch, or to wait and see how her actions are politically viewed. She will simply do what is right.”- Retired Anne Arundel County Police Chief Thomas Shanahan Her message to those who choose to commit crimes in Anne Arundel County is one of intolerance and consistency of judgment. Taking politics out of the State’s Attorney Office in the County allows those charged with upholding the law to act judiciously and in the best interest of residents and taxpaying citizens. About Kathy Rogers Kathy Rogers is an almost 50 year resident and active member of Anne Arundel County. She grew up in the Crofton area and attended county schools before receiving a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland and her J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law. She and her husband of 37 years currently reside in the Davidsonville area and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. Her hope is to be a part of the solution for improving the safety and quality of life for her family and her constituents.]]>

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