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This is a call to action, to get out the vote in Dallas County, Alabama and make the right choice for the right reasons! #FortierforProbateJudge

SELMA, ALA. (PRWEB) JUNE 05, 2018 There has not been an African American Probate Judge in 200 years. The aftermath of the Jim Crow Era is still felt in full effect in Dallas County, Alabama. In the Jim Crow Era, White legislators created laws that enforced barriers to voter registration to disfranchise most blacks and many poor whites. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 gave blacks a fair chance of voting with no discrimination. That was only 53 years ago. We still operate in an unjust system based on the fact that we exercise our free will in a system that was not made for us to begin with. The proof is reflected in our current nationally recorded statistics by the Census Bureau. Dallas county has a poverty rate of 34.3% a number higher than the national average which is 14%. The largest demographic in Dallas County is the African American female, ages 25-34. Bishop Fortier has the only comprehensive plan to create jobs and diversify revenue amongst the people for fair gain in Dallas County. Mr. Fortier understands that the issue is not the lack of funds or resources. The question is, where are the funds and resources being allocated? Call the Bishop The mind of a child is where the revolution begins. The Bishop understands that to have a brighter future tomorrow we must carefully cultivate the minds of our children today. Education is at the top of the priority list for the children and adults who want to enhance their lives and move toward a stable productive future for the community. If we can consistently plant seeds of growth in the environments where we come from, we can solidify an infrastructure of change that can shift our generation to new heights in economic advancement. Dr. Fortier promises to develop educational programs, so that the futures of our children can blossom in the workforce. With his education, our children will master skills that will allow them to compete in the work place. Together we can remove the generational curse of poverty and lack of resources, replacing it with community wealth and strong leaders. When Dr. Fortier came to Selma in 2014 with a principal colleague of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it was with the intent to complete what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. started. To bring fruition in the science of economic independence, institutional sovereignty, and constitutional lawfulness as a means to produce social change. This is America There is an average of 348 violent crimes and 1,492 property crimes annually in Selma. You have 1 in 55 chances of being a victim of a violent crime. With a population of 43,820 people, the chances of you being a victim is high enough to establish a real concern. You have an 18.33% chance of being victimized leaving you to walk the streets of Dallas county feeling only 82% safe. The Bishop is now offering a plan to make the streets 100% safe for the county. The plan is to provide a financial incentive to encourage the kids and young adults to practice principles of Non-Violence, and to work toward peace by rewarding them with money. Rewarding good behavior and ethics encourages people to want to keep doing well. Instead of condemning our youth and judging them we must uplift them and shape their minds into sharp catalyst that can catapult a revolution of hard working educated soldiers of equality and economic progression to eliminate the wage gap. The plan is as follows. Given there are no murders in Dallas County for 365 days straight, Children ages 9-11 will get $100 per annum. Children 12-14 would receive $300 per annum. Adolescents 15 to young adults up to 27 would get $500 per annum. If there are any murders, the counter will begin again. Rewards will be distributed every Bloody Sunday commemorating the marches from Selma to Montgomery that initiated the passing of the Voting Rights Act. June 5th This is our chance to make a chance now. Get out and exercise your right to vote June 5th. You have the Bishop of The Black Belt Fortier waiting to make his move for change and tear down the walls of an oppressive system by building a new platform of greatness that will be embraced by all. Dr. Fortier puts his ear to the community and hears the heartbeat of your concerns. He understands that your background has been distraught. He knows that your present and future may be blessed with continuous healthy growth as a people by making the right choice on June 5th, and by listening to his words and electing him for Probate Judge. We just had our first black President Barack Obama in this last in 200 years. We made history and witnessed an epic victory in all of glory. Let’s do it again on June 5th with Bishop Fortier for probate judge. See you at the polls. #thisismyamerica]]>

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