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BALTIMORE, June 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Antonio Hayes, who just defeated Barbara Robinson in the district 40 primary election for state senate, received support from Wolf-PAC, a political organization dedicated to ending big money’s influence in American politics. Hayes and Robinson were both co-sponsors of Wolf-PAC’s initiative SJ 7/HJ 11. Hayes voted in support of the legislation, also known as the Democracy Amendment Resolution, when it successfully passed the House 94-42 this year. Robinson, a member of the Rules Committee where the resolution had been assigned on the senate side, decided at the last minute to not vote for it, causing the legislation to fail. n response, Wolf-PAC has disclosed spending nearly $50,000 to make sure that Antonio Hayes represents the 40th senate district rather than Robinson. Michael Monetta, National Director of Wolf-PAC, states, “We need people in elected office who understand how urgent the issue of political corruption is to our country. This is not the first time Wolf-PAC has decided to get involved in a state election and it won’t be the last.” Cenk Uygur, Host of The Young Turks and Founder of Wolf-PAC, remarked in a segment that aired shortly after the election results were announced, “Go ahead, vote to keep money in politics. We dare you.” In addition to spending money, Wolf-PAC relied on a combination of staff and dozens of volunteers to canvass door to door in neighborhoods throughout district 40. One of those volunteers, Emily Harvey, explains, “Antonio Hayes is a Democrat who co-sponsored and voted for the Democracy Amendment Resolution this year. I volunteered my time to support this critical legislation because it demands an end to corruption in our government so that we can hold legislators accountable and get the policies we need passed, like Medicare for all, better support for small businesses, and quality public education.” Wolf-PAC describes itself as a nationwide cross-partisan organization dedicated to adding an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in order to address the overwhelming influence that money and special interests have on our elected officials and the policies they promote while in office. Links Homepage: TYT Video before election: TYT Video after election: CT Election: NH Election: Media Contact Mike Monetta 603.812.8173 SOURCE Wolf-PAC Related Links]]>

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