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MIAMI, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Jonathan “JP” Parker announced the kickoff of his campaign for State Representative, Florida District 113, which encompasses North Bay Village, Miami Beach, Fisher Island, and downtown Miami/Little Havana. His reason for entering this race is simple: “Our district has been under-served for too many years. It’s time to stop the insanity and actually have effective representation for all residents, to elect someone from the majority, yet willing to reach across the aisle, and get important legislation through the Florida House for District 113.” -Jonathan “JP” Parker So, what separates Parker from his potential competitors? His platform is filled with common-sense ideas for making District 113, and all of Miami and Miami Beach, a better place to live, work, and play. Parker believes in creating ways to fight government corruption, including fraud and misuse of funds, reducing taxes and cutting waste. He will fight for transparency in medical pricing and billing, protect our seniors’ needs, and provide for our veterans. Parker wants to work on ways to make schools safer, as well as to provide choices for our children’s education. And, there’s more. Parker wants to encourage and support local businesses that enhance our lives, and work with FDOT on traffic issues. Living in Miami and Miami Beach is wonderful, but it also has its challenges, one of which is the seal level variations, including the King Tides. Now is the time to look for solutions! And Parker believes we can do this by having positive dialogs, which lead to effective legislation for all our residents. Above all else, in this time of political divisiveness, Parker pledges to be responsive to constituent issues because typical politicians forget that they represent all of the voters once elected, and not just their own party. Where his Democratic opponents have a primary on August 28th, Parker has already qualified as the Republican candidate. So, while three Democrats, Michael Grieco, Kabir “Kubs” Lalchandani, and Dede Whitehorn, vie to be the Democrat nominee on the ballot and are devoting their time to battling each other, by contrast, Parker is spending his time and efforts meeting with residents and honing his platform to address the needs of the district. Even with the voter demographics in this district, Parker thinks there are way too many unanswered questions about these three potentials, even from Democrats. Qualifications A experienced attorney at law and entrepreneur who has established a reputation for success, Parker’s high energy combined with diverse experience has been the cornerstone of his work since being admitted to the Florida and New Jersey Bars in 1988 and the Hawaii bar in 2011. He is also an arbitrator for FINRA, the Financial Industries Regulatory Authority, deciding Wall Street firm investor fraud cases. Not only has “JP” resided in the District for over 27 years, in addition to his law practice, Parker and his wife, Melissa, have run businesses that are actually in the District: A GNC store in the city of Miami on Calle Ocho and a UPS Store in Miami Beach, not to mention others outside the district. This gives Parker a perspective that eludes most candidates, having dealt with the beaurocracies not only on both sides of the bay, but in several cities in Florida. Education & Community Involvement Parker holds a B.S. degree from Tulane University in New Orleans with a major in Mathematics and minor in Computer Science. He received his law degree (J.D.) from the University of Miami School of Law. Since law school, he has dedicated himself to community service while pursuing his career and business interests. As a Miami Beach Leadership Academy graduate, he served on the City’s Safety Committee, Police/Citizens Relations Committee, and Community Relations Board. Following each term, he sought to do more. Parker provided input to the City Commission as a citizen representative reviewing proposals for the City’s Emergency Management Contract. He currently serves on the Personnel Board of the City of Miami Beach. He has actually been a board member and president of a Florida condominium association. As any condo owner knows, it’s a thankless job at best, but a great training ground for learning to amicably resolve peoples’ differing opinions and problems that tend to get quite hostile, much like today’s political environment. Already endorsed by the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County, and on the General Election ballot in November, Parker knows this is a reflection of the hard work he has already done, but is just the start. He encourages all eligible citizens to get out and exercise their right to vote Jonathan “JP” Parker for State Representative, whether by mail, early or on Election Day, November 6! Important Dates for the General Election. October 9, 2018: Last Day to Register to Vote in General Election October 31, 2018: Last Day to Request “Vote By Mail” Ballot (Absentee) October 21-November 3, 2018: Early Voting November 6, 2018: Election Day All dates are accurate at the time of publication according to the Miami-Dade website.. Interested parties can learn more about Jonathan “JP” Parker’s campaign for State Representative District 113 by visiting There, visitors will find more information about Parker, plus the ability to support and contribute to the campaign, endorse him, add name(s) to his email list, and access his social media accounts. SOURCE Jonathan H. Parker]]>

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