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MSACRAMENTO, Calif., July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — This year, hundreds of thousands of California voters signed their names to a petition demanding a vote on whether to divide the state into three smaller, more manageable states. Fed up with poorly performing schools, crumbling infrastructure and a political system controlled by powerful special interests, these citizens acted. The Cal 3 initiative easily qualified for the ballot as Proposition 9 and this November, all Californians will decide the best path forward for the future. That is, if they ever get the chance: because the political establishment and forces of the “Sacramento status quo” are doing everything in their power to stop this empowering grassroots movement. At first, Sacramento insiders and political loyalists tipped their hand with snide commentary, calling it “ridiculous.” When that didn’t work, they cynically implied that the Proposition 9 campaign was somehow being secretly manipulated, a claim that ignores and disrespects more than 600,000 Californians who placed it on the ballot. That hasn’t worked either. Now, those powerful special interests have lobbied the courts to try to get Proposition 9 taken off the ballot entirely. A group of trial attorneys from one of the country’s biggest law firms and the Planning and Conservation League want the courts to believe that a citizen-led democratic movement is somehow a threat to democracy. Apparently, the insiders don’t think it’s so ridiculous anymore. The leader of the opposition campaign, Fabian Nunez, is a long-time associate of the Planning and Conservation League, receiving their award for ‘Legislator of the Year’ in 2007. Voters should know that the PCL is doing the dirty work of the Sacramento establishment, led by a former elected official who opposed term limits. Now, as a lobbyist, Nunez has a financial interest in making it all work to his benefit. This lawsuit is just another example of how Sacramento politicians, powerful unions and their high-priced lobbyists are trying to hold onto power at the expense of California voters. Why don’t they want Californians to decide what is best for themselves, their children and their future? It’s simple: Trial attorneys, unions, special interests and political influence-peddlers are afraid. They are desperate to keep control, no matter the consequences for Californians and our children. Californians need to be empowered and allowed to voice their desire for more accountability and responsiveness from their elected officials. Voting in favor of the Cal 3 initiative, Prop 9, will bring more localized transparency to state government and put an end to the current cronyism in Sacramento, on display in this meritless and cynical use of the court system. As support grows for Proposition 9, powerful opponents will do everything in their power to deny voters a chance to decide their own future. When they do, we should all be asking ourselves, “Why won’t they let Californians vote?” Paid for by Citizens for Cal 3 – Yes on Prop 9 Committee major funding from Timothy Draper SOURCE Cal 3]]>

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