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Bỏ phiếu sớm với một lá phiếu khiếm diệm cho bầu cử sơ bộ Đảng Cộng hòa trong Hạ Viện Địa Hạt 9 tiểu bang North Carolina bắt đầu ngày 23 tháng 4 năm 2019
Date: : 4/23/2019
Early voting begins Wednesday in 9th Congressional District Republican primary
One-Stop, in-person early voting begins Wednesday (April 24) in the Republican primary election for the 9th Congressional District, which includes all or parts of eight counties – Anson, Bladen, Cumberland, Mecklenburg, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland and Union.
The early voting period ends Friday, May 10. For county-by-county early voting sites and schedules, go here. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 14.
The Republican Party is the only political party with a primary in the 9th Congressional District, so only Republican and unaffiliated voters who live in that district may vote in the primary election. Voters registered with the Democratic, Libertarian, Green or Constitution parties are not eligible to vote in this Republican primary contest, even if they are 9th District residents.
If a second primary, or “runoff,” is necessary, it will be held September 10, with the general election on November 5. If a second primary is not necessary, the general election will be September 10. If no candidate receives more than 30 percent of the votes in the primary, the candidate who receives the second-highest number of votes may demand a second primary. The top two vote-getters would be on the ballot for the second primary.
Background: On February 21, the North Carolina State Board of Elections unanimously ordered a new election in the 9th Congressional District and two additional Bladen County contests after a four-day evidentiary hearing showed a “coordinated, unlawful and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme” operated during the 2018 general election in Bladen and Robeson counties.
Special information for Bladen County voters
The State Board also ordered new general elections for Bladen County Commissioner District 3 and Bladen Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor. Early voting for those contests also runs from April 24 through May 10. The general election for those contests is Tuesday, May 14.
Below is special information for Bladen County voters:
Bladen County Soil and Water Conservation District: All registered voters in Bladen County may vote in the countywide Soil and Water Conservation District contest.
Bladen County Commissioner District 3: Regardless of party affiliation, all registered voters who live in County Commissioner District 3 are eligible to vote in this contest because it is a general election.
9th Congressional District Primary: Only voters registered as Republican or unaffiliated who live in the 9th Congressional District are eligible to vote in this contest. Voters registered with the Democratic, Libertarian, Green or Constitution parties are not eligible to vote in this Republican primary.
7th Congressional District Voters: Some Bladen County voters live in the 7th Congressional District and are not eligible to vote in the 9th Congressional District contest regardless of party affiliation.
The State Board encourages all voters to check their registration information, including their eligible jurisdictions, view their sample ballot and check the status of a mail-in absentee ballot here.

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