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Delaware Physician Pledges to Heal America in 2020 Presidential Bid
Civility, respect, multi-partisanship essential to America’s recovery

WILMINGTON, Del., May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — After months of talking directly to New Hampshire voters about how to restore respect and civility to America’s politics, Dr. Mike Katz has launched a bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.
Katz, a Delaware physician, entrepreneur, and former lawmaker, believes America is looking for a candidate who will bridge the gaps that divide us. Restoring civility and respect to a bitterly partisan political process is the first step in finding answers to our country’s problems.
Katz’s door-to-door initiative in New Hampshire, called “House Calls to Heal America”, has convinced him that this country is much like the trauma patients he has cared for throughout his career.
“America is in its ‘golden hour’,” he said. “In the last few years our political system has been traumatized and like a trauma team in the emergency room, we must take decisive measures to heal it. And we have very little time – we must act now to restore a spirit of compromise and consensus.”
Five core principles, five transformative ideas
Unlike other candidates, Katz has spent virtually all his time in New Hampshire listening to voters. He believes the five priority issues America must address are interrelated: achieving the promise of civil rights for all, universal healthcare, transforming our educational system, modernizing our workforce, and getting in front of climate change. He would enter the presidency with a transformational 100-day plan to lay the groundwork for addressing each of these critical issues.
Strong, decisive leadership
Dr. Mike Katz is a healer with decades of experience making life-and-death decisions. He believes that experience can help him heal the bitter divisions that are keeping America from moving forward. He has taken care of more than 100,000 people in his career as a physician. He also served in the Delaware State Senate, where he rooted out corruption and challenged special interests.
“Of course I understand that as an outsider in this campaign, I have limited name recognition,” he said. “But I believe Americans want something better than the broken political system that fails every day to address our country’s problems. I think they deserve it. And I will deliver it.”
Voters across the political spectrum have told Katz they want to see a civil and respectful presidential campaign focused on solutions. While he will be running for the Democratic nomination, he has gained support from many Republicans and independents who are concerned about President Trump’s lack of leadership. Katz is well known for creating an environment of multi-partisanship.
“Our polarized party system has become an obstacle to consultation, compromise and consensus. We can overcome that, but we need to lose the labels and embrace a multi-partisan approach to our political life. We must listen to each other – genuinely listen – and learn how to work together again.”
About Dr. Mike Katz
Katz graduated from Bates College with a degree in economics. He earned his medical degree and M.B.A. in International Business at Georgetown University and worked for eighteen years as a pediatric anesthesiologist in Wilmington, Delaware.
In 2008, Katz won a seat in Delaware’s State Senate, where he worked to root out corruption and innovate government practices. He led the passage of legislation to toughen oversight of the state’s medical practitioners, resulting in Delaware ranking first in the nation for comprehensive legal protections for patients.
Katz and his wife Trish have raised three children.
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