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For Immediate Release
May 15, 2019
Contact For More Information:
Andrea M. Gaines Andrea.Gaines@elections.Virginia.Gov (804) 864-8928
Poll hours: The polls are open from 6 AM until 7 PM. If a registered voter is in line by 7 PM, they will
be able to vote.
Election information: There are 49 Republican primaries and 45 Democratic primaries being held in 73 of the 133 localities for Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia Senate and a number of local offices. Voters can get information about the primaries at If voters have questions about whether an election is happening in their area on June 11, they should contact their voter registration office. The location, hours and other information about local offices can be found at
Registering to vote: The deadline to register to vote in the June 11 primary
Election is MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019. That is also the last day voters can make sure their information (such as address or name) is up to date. Voters can register or update their registration information in person at their local voter registration office until 5 PM or online at until 11:59 PM.
Primary rules: Although Virginia does not require voters to list a party preference when registering, voters can only cast a ballot in one party’s primary. In the 21 localities that are having both a Democratic and Republican primary, voters will be asked at the poll which party’s ballot they prefer.
Photo ID: Virginia law requires all registered voters to show one acceptable photo ID to vote in person. The following are acceptable forms of identification.
 Virginia driver’s license
 Virginia DMV-issued photo ID
 United States passport
 Employer-issued photo ID
 Student photo ID issued by a school, college, or university located in Virginia (public or private)
 Other U.S. or Virginia government-issued photo ID (including veteran’s photo ID)
 Tribal enrollment or other tribal photo ID issued by one of the 11 tribes recognized
by the Commonwealth of Virginia
 Virginia voter photo ID card
More on voter ID at: Absentee ballots
Voters have several options for requesting an absentee ballot:
 Online at:
 Download a request for an absentee ballot at, print it, fill it out and mail it to their local voter registration office. You can find that mailing address of their local voter registration office at: REQUESTS FOR AN ABSENTEE BALLOT BY MAIL MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE LOCAL VOTER REGISTRATION OFFICE BY 5 P.M. TUESDAY, JUNE 4.
 Visit their local voter registration office in person and complete the application. If during the absentee ballot voting period the application is approved, the voter will be allowed to cast their vote at that time.
 THE LAST DAY OF IN-PERSON ABSENTEE VOTING IS SATURDAY, JUNE 8. All local voter registration offices will be open that day. Find your local office:
You can find more information about absentee voting at
Registration and turnout statistics: As of April 30, 2019, the Commonwealth of Virginia had 5,562,371 registered voters. Final registration numbers for the June 11 primaries should be available by June 2.
Voters with disabilities: Accessible voting options are available to ensure all voters with disabilities can vote in the same private and individual matters as those voters without disabilities. For more information on accessible voting, visit
Voting systems and election security: All Virginia voting systems use paper ballots. Most voting systems in use in Virginia are optical/digital scanning systems. For more information, go to:
Find out what Virginia is doing to make sure elections stay secure, fair and free at:
Provisional ballots: This is a paper ballot that is cast separately and sealed in a green envelope. The voter must provide the information requested and sign the Statement of Voter. A provisional ballot is used in the following situations, but not limited to:
 When the voter’s name is not on the poll book, the voter believes he is registered in that precinct, and the registrar’s office cannot be contacted to verify that the voter is registered.
 When a voter at the polling place fails to present one of the forms of identification required in Virginia.
 When a voter fails to show one of the required forms of photo ID when voting in person.
 When a voter who registered by mail on or after January 1, 2003, and did not mail in a copy of their ID at that time, fails to show one of the federally required forms of ID when voting for the
first time in a federal election.
 When a voter who was sent an absentee ballot has not received or has lost the ballot, or
had previously returned the ballot spoiled or damaged and appears at his regular polling
place on Election Day.
 When the normal voting hours are extended by court order.
 When the pollbook indicates that the voter has already cast a ballot in the current election.
Provisional ballots are not counted on Election Day; the local Electoral Boards will meet the day after the election to begin determining whether each provisional voter was qualified to vote. The votes of qualified voters will then be counted and included in the results of the locality. If the provisional ballot was cast due to the voter’s inability to provide proper identification when attempting to vote, the voter has until noon on Friday, June 14 to submit a copy of an identification document. Therefore, the results may not be available until after that time in some localities.
More about provisional ballots:
Election social media: Voters and members of the media are encouraged to follow the Virginia Department of Elections on Twitter at @vaElect and at our Facebook page. The Virginia Department of Elections uses the hashtags #VAisForVoters and #ElectionsMatter in many of their posts.
Voters can find all the information they need to be #ReadyToVote on June 11 online at

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