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Dark Horse Candidate Seeks to Unseat Mitch McConnell With Progressive Platform

MADISONVILLE, Ky., May 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Steven Cox has officially released his first campaign video in his bid for Kentucky’s senate seat in 2020. The ad focuses on Medicare for All, Mitch McConnell’s history of obstruction, and eagerness to accept lobbyist money over the needs of the people of Kentucky. Cox, a healthcare professional, promises and will promote a fair and open campaign based on strong human values, financial responsibility and unlike the current incumbent, he will refrain from his opponent’s history of obstruction. Cox, a strong believer in the people’s ideas, will set the precedent by taking the role of the everyman to Washington seeking the campaign financial support of other progressive grassroots organizers.
“I think its time to come together as friends, family, neighbors and say that Washington belongs to us.”
“I’m over life-long politicians who tell us our problems don’t matter. It’s time for someone to acknowledge our problems and start fixing them. Kentuckians will no longer be ignored.”
Other signature platforms of his campaign include the urgent need for environmental stewardship, expanding clean energy jobs, and investing in new technology to tackle climate change. Ending Citizens United. Expanding the rights of Unions to organize. Supporting families at all income levels by providing federally funded job training and education. Reinvigorating Social Security, providing much needed relief to seniors and the disabled. And a program to promote the creation of Co-Op businesses to provide stable, well paying jobs in rural communities.
According to the Center For Responsive Politics, between 2013-2018 Mitch McConnell received 69% of his campaign financing from individual large donations and PAC contributions. With $2 million coming from the Securities and Investment sector. Only 4.7% of his contributions came from small individual donors. Steven Cox will focus on small individual donations in his bid to become Kentucky’s next senator and set the example for professional, financial, and personal responsibility.
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