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Nữ ứng cử viên đảng Cộng Hoà Famela Ramos tuyên bố tranh cử thách thức Scott Peters trong bầu cử Quốc hội Hoa Kỳ năm 2020
Famela Ramos to Challenge Representative Scott Peters in 2020 Election
Fiscal and Social Conservative Republican Candidate Launches Campaign with Major Endorsement

SAN DIEGO, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Famela Ramos announced today her candidacy for the 2020 Congressional Election.
Famela is a nurse, a pro-life advocate, and founder of the Right to Try Foundation, a non-profit organization which accelerates access to experimental medication for patients with terminal diseases.
“I am thankful to all my supporters and donors who have encouraged me to take this bold step into Federal Politics. I look forward to providing a social and fiscal conservative alternative to voters in 2020 who disagree with the positions and policies of Scott Peters,” said Famela Ramos. She continued:
“I am running for Congress to preserve the America I know. The America built on entrepreneurship, innovation, bravery and morals. I will fight to stop the America that Progressive Ideologists want, an America without Competition, without the Constitution and without Christianity.
As a legal immigrant I strongly support the protection of the Homeland and will fight unceasingly against the current attack on our border and national integrity.
As a mother of 4 children I will fight for the rights and future of our children: Education, traditional family values, and opportunities.
As a board member of Silent Voices, a pregnancy resource center, I will fight to protect the rights of our unborn and offer support to women who are abortion vulnerable.
As founder of the Right to Try Foundation, I will fight for the rights of patients at the end of life, and fight for companies that develop new medicines which provide a new lease on life.
The America we know, the America we love, the America who made us who we are is under attack. Join me in fighting to maintain and restore American Exceptionalism.”
Famela Ramos has been endorsed by Dr. Peter C Farrell, Founder and Chairman of ResMed, the $17.9 billion market capital San Diego sleep technology company, to run against Scott Peters in the upcoming congressional election.
Dr. Farrell stated “I have previously endorsed Famela and admire her commitment to fiscal responsibility, the free market as well First Amendment Principles. She would make an excellent congressional representative.”
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