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Utah’s William Gaskill Announces Presidential Bid

PROVO, Utah, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — William Reece Gaskill of Provo, Utah, a lifelong Republican and the 13th generation of his family to live in what is now America, fulfilled a lifelong dream on July 31, 2019 when he filed his papers with the Federal Elections Commission to declare his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. The campaign soft launched on Facebook and Twitter on August 1, 2019 and will go on the road in the near future. Gaskill’s wife and five children enthusiastically support the decision to run and look forward to the adventures to come.
Gaskill was born and raised in Ontario, Oregon, a small town on the Oregon Idaho border. He grew up in a diverse community with white, Hispanic and Japanese residents and a variety of religious communities. He was educated in local public schools and earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon, a law Degree at the University of Wyoming and a library science master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma. He performed legal research for several years at a sole practitioner’s office in Ontario and spent almost 11 years in legal education as a law librarian. Work and other opportunities led him to Idaho, California, Illinois, Indiana and South Carolina. He found diverse people of goodwill in all these states and looks forward to meeting many more such Americans in a 50 state, 160 million registered voter campaign.
Gaskill believes the threefold Republican approach of the last 85 years or so of rejecting anything supported by Democrats, worrying about being primaried and offering tax cuts as the solution to all policy challenges is obsolete. He anticipates offering a center-right, market, family and civic society based basket of policies to resolve the great debates of our day including pro-immigration reforms with compensation to affected communities; a balanced approach to climate change including carbon taxes, mitigation spending and a crash research program to remove carbon from the atmosphere; support for workers and families through targeted spending and education; increasing competition in the economy by slowly bleeding out rents, removing barriers to entry, creation and movement and moving the federal budget towards a primary surplus in 10 years; protection for religious freedom while continuing the integration of LGBT and similar minority Americans into national life; working to rationalize America’s complex health care payment and provision systems to increase access and reduce expenses over time without moving towards either single payer or socialized medicine models; and a vigorous foreign policy that advances America’s traditional interests in individual freedom, economic liberty and resisting the rise of powers and ideologies that threaten us or our place in the world.
To learn more, see the Gaskill for President Facebook and Twitter accounts. A campaign website will be up soon.
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