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When he was in college, Chase Wyn had a desk job in the rotunda of the Ohio state capitol building. His main duty there was to direct lobbyists and politicians to the proper committee rooms where various House and Senate bills were being heard. Because of this experience, he became interested in politics and the mechanics of government and it led him to write the novel, “180 Days to November” (published by AuthorHouse).
This political thriller takes place between May 1 and November 7, Election Day in which the governor of Ohio and the president of the United States are both running for reelection. Action involving rape, murder, organized crime, insider trading, sex and political dealings explode in this run for higher office by Governor Big Ed Thomas and President Jake Stryker. Meanwhile, “our hero” Deke Marshall is drawn into this mess by the rape and murder of Suzi Saito, the governor’s receptionist and Deke’s soul mate. Now, he is set to avenge Suzi’s death and, in the process, fights to save the governorship of Ohio and the presidency of the United States.
“This book will appeal to readers because everyone is intrigued with a political thriller. It demonstrates the complexity of people showing that good people are not perfect and bad people have some good in them usually, but not always,” Wyn says. For more details about the book, please visit,
An excerpt from the book:
As Ed and the president entered Thomas’s private office, Suzi noticed the phone line to the governor’s office was still open. Almost immediately as she went to shut off the phone connection, she heard Thomas’s voice: “Have you talked to our friend Angelo Donetti lately?” “Yes, Ed. Just yesterday. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the things I wanted to talk to you about.” “You mean the casinos?” “Yes. Can we deliver?” With that Suzi hurriedly clicked her end of the open line off as a chill ran down her spine.
“180 Days to November”
By Chase Wyn
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 300 pages | ISBN 9781546278023
E-Book | 300 pages | ISBN 9781546278016
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About the Author
Chase Wyn has had two prior careers, one in the world of finance and the other in optometry. Now he is embarking on a third, as a writer of fiction thrillers.
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