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Hall of Famer Wes Chandler Endorses Famela Ramos for Congress in 2020 Election
Internally Renowned Former San Diego Charger Wes Chandler supports Research Nurse in Run for the 52nd Congressional District Against Nancy Casady and Scott Peters

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Famela Ramos Campaign announced today the support and endorsement of San Diego Charger Hall of Famer Wes Chandler. Famela is the only Republican running for Congress in the 52nd Congressional District in the 2020 Federal Election against Democrats Nancy Casady and Scott Peters.
“I am so honored to receive Wes Chandler’s support. Mr. Chandler has made tremendous impact on and off the field. In addition to being a Chargers Hall of Famer, he’s in the National Football College Hall of Fame, he was also a two time ‘Academic All American’ at University of Florida. Additionally, he established several youth scholarship funds and ran his own youth foundation,” said Famela Ramos. “I plan to leverage the support of this Sports Hero to accomplish the important goal of bringing positive change to the 52nd Congressional District.”
Famela is mother of four children, an accomplished researcher, head of the Right to Try Foundation, and has previously received scholarship support from the Philippine Nurses Association while studying to be a nurse. Amongst notable endorsements, Famela has been endorsed by Dr. Peter Farrell, founder of the 18 billion dollar company ResMed1.
“I have previously supported Famela in her business and political aspirations and am eager to increase my level of support for this important Congressional Seat. Famela represents a unique blend of leadership, compassion, understanding, and unwavering determination, which is greatly needed in politics today,” said Wes Chandler. “Famela’s story is the American Dream. She was a Filipino Immigrant who came to the USA with limited resources, established a career and a family for herself, and now is giving back to the Community.”
Testimony to Famela’s corporate and scientific leadership is the fact that she has co-authored 7 peer reviewed scientific publications.
The first paper, was a collaboration with the Moores Cancer Center and several biotechnology companies, describing the state of the art in cancer immunotherarpy, and proposing future directions2.
The second paper, discussed the possibility of stimulating regeneration of injured lung stem cells using specific types of laser and light based interventions, this was a collaboration between the University of Utah and the University of California, San Diego3.
The third paper, a collaboration between a nutraceutical company and Indiana University, demonstrated the beneficial effects of a nutritional supplement on circulating stem cells in healthy volunteers4.
The fourth publication was the first successful use of two different types of stem cells in a patient with heart failure, which resulted in a profound improvement5.
The fifth publication is a report of 114 patients that were treated with umbilical cord blood stem cells and demonstrated safety and signals of efficacy in collaboration with a Chinese Biotech company6.
The sixth publication was successful treatment of a spinal cord injury patient with stem cells7.
The seventh publication was the basis for an investigational new drug (IND) application to the FDA, describing use of fat stem cells to treat aplastic anemia8.
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