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Documentary on Presidential Election Discrepancies Will Screen in L.A.
“Winner Take All,” a documentary about the U.S. electoral system, has been named an “official selection” of the 2019 Awareness Festival.

Colacino Productions LLC, in association with Winner Take All Documentary LLC announces the documentary film, “Winner Take All,” ( has been named an “official selection” of the 2019 Awareness Festival (, @awarenessfest,
The film will be screened in October at The Regal LA LIVE theater in Los Angeles, California. “Conflicting electoral and popular votes are happening with increasing frequency, and have happened twice in my lifetime,” says filmmaker, Don Colacino. “Each time it happens, there are accusations of fraud, election interference, or a system rigged against the people. I made this film to calm the rhetoric and help people understand how we got here, and efforts that are underway to prevent it from happening in future elections.”
“Winner Take All” explains how the frequently misunderstood ’Electoral College’ works, and how the allocation of electoral votes has resulted in the loser of the popular vote being named president five times in U.S. history. “I thought it was important to present facts from both advocates and opponents of the electoral college so that viewers can make up their own minds about the topic,” says Colacino. While the Electoral College’s origins in the U.S. Constitution is common knowledge, “what most people don’t realize is that the winner-take-all rule exists nowhere in the Constitution,” says the Editorial Board of the New York Times (, @NYTopinion, in an August 30, 2019 editorial. It’s a pure creation of the states.” The filmmaker is based in Colorado, the first state to introduce National Popular Interstate Compact legislation, and one of the most recent to sign it into law.
The film was released to film festivals in July, and to ensure that all Americans have access, it is targeted at the OTT (over-the-top) streaming platforms including; Netflix, Amazon, Quibi, PBS and HBO Now, as well as cable and traditional broadcast.
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