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Temmpo: Tulsi Gabbard shows big gains in voter advocacy following last week’s Democratic Debate

DENVER, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The non-partisan research firm, Temmpo, reports that candidate Tulsi Gabbard posts significant gains in voter advocacy following last week’s Democratic Presidential candidate debate.
Gabbard posts a 12% Advocacy Score one week following the debate. That represents an 8 point increase over the last week, making her the biggest mover of candidates who appeared on the debate stage. Gabbard’s advocacy score is now above Joe Biden (11%) and below Andrew Yang (14%).
Bernie Sanders continues to lead our measure of voter advocacy (24%), gaining 1 point since his debate performance. Sanders was the only experienced Presidential candidate showing positive movement. Joe Biden lost 4 points of advocacy and Elizabeth Warren lost 2 points of advocacy.
Temmpo isn’t a poll. It measures the volume and intensity of online conversation about a candidate. Rather than measuring the responses of a survey, Temmpo measures language expressed in online environments like Twitter and media coverage.
In the last Presidential election, Temmpo correctly measured the strength of Donald Trump’s advocacy, consistently giving him a significant numerical advantage over his 2016 adversary, Hillary Clinton.
“We believe that polls are over-rated. Strong advocacy is closely associated with actually voting and, more importantly, with telling friends and family members to back a certain candidate,” said Temmpo CEO Mark Wysong. “We’re not paying anyone to give us their opinion. These are real Americans actively engaged in real conversations about our candidates.”
For more information about Temmpo, please contact Peter Murane: 303.877.1003
Temmpo is a data analytics company that structures online word-of-mouth into meaningful insights and analytics. Our system measures advocacy and attachment of consumers to brands and politicians to better predict what people will actually do – versus say they will do.


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