September 30, 2020

My Blog about voting information for Vietnamese

Vietnamese candidates' event and upcoming activities this week


Excerpt from Vietnamese newspapers & online: Tan Nguyen talk about promising of building a community center, creating jobs, and training etc. if he got elect at Viet Herald’s newspaper meeting room. ?ng c? viên Tân Nguy?n nói chuy?n Trung tâm sinh ho?t ?ng Viên Tân Nguy?n H?p Báo H?a T?o Vi?c Làm, D?y Ngh? Joe Dovinh’s press event at Le Van Duyet office on Brookurst in Seafood World restaurant shopping area. Sinh Ho?t C?ng ??ng UCV JOE DOVINH RA MAT ?ng C? Viên Dân Bi?u Ti?u Bang ??a h?t 68 s? có bu?i g?p g? truy?n thông báo chí. Lúc 1 PM, Th? 7, ngày 15-5-2010, t?i Tr? S? Lê V?n Duy?t, trên ???ng Brookhurst (trong khu nhà hàng Seafood World). LL Võ Hi?n Nhân (714) 251-3110. FundraisingBanquet for Hoan Dang Dang scheduled for Sunday May 16th @ 6pm in Falls Church, VA. According to newspapers and friend’s Facebook, the name of restaurant is Fortune for Hoan Dang’s fundraising banquet. Have a nice weekend,]]>