September 27, 2020

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UPDATED VERSION: Madison Nguyen and the rest of the gang in San Jose on primary election


Well, I deleted the article by mistake when trying updating the post. However, it’s good news that two more Vietnamese articles about this primary election in San Jose. summarized San Jose election about Vietnamese candidates and flags. 06/08/10: C? ??, C? Vàng Và B?u C? ? San Jose Patrick Phu Le claimed more than 50 percent of 7,001 absentee ballots or voting early votes are Vietnamese votes and majority of the Vietnamese votes are spliting between Patrick Phu Le and Minh Duong. 06/07/10: Th? ba, 8 tháng 6, San Jose bâàu c? s? b?, d? lu?n chú ý ??n cu?c b?u c? ngh? viên khu v?c 7: Lê H?u Phú hay Minh D??ng s? vào chung k?t v?i Madison Nguy?n?
I received an URL of English ad of Madison Nguyen from a Vietnamese lady in Bay area on June 3rd. The uploaded date is May 28. It’s about a week old. Madison Nguyen According to Vietnam Daily, Patrick Phu Le will have a chance in run-off election if Madison Nguyen could not get more than 50 percent of the votes. 06/05/10: Lê H?u Phú có hy v?ng vào vòng chung k?t
Enclosed are English blog articles by aka Hao-Nhien Q. Vu (Managing Editor of Nguoi Viet Daily News) and Andrew Lam of New America Media about name calling on last days of primary elections. Messy, messy San Jose elections McCarthyism in San Jose ]]>