September 28, 2020

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Van Tran vs Loretta Sanchez


According to blog article of Dena Bunis in Orange County Register, Van Tran moved up to “Contender” on National Republican Congressional Committee program. He got $347,914 after the primary election while Loretta Sanchez got 1.1 million dollars on hand. Enclosed are URL of English article and Vietnamese articles for your reading. 06/14/10: Tran moves up in national GOP program
06/15/10: C?ng Hòa Nâng C?p Giúp Tr?n Thái V?n
06/14/10: UB Tranh C? ??ng C?ng Hòa nâng h?ng DBTB Tr?n Thái V?n
06/14/10: DB Tr?n Thái V?n có th? ??t danh hi?u “Young Gun”