September 27, 2020

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Primary election in Kansas and Missouri


Today is primary election in Kansas and Missouri. I am only updated a few races in both states in Primary Election 2010 (August 3, 2010 ) – B?u C? S? B? (3 tháng 8 n?m 2010) Poll are open from 7am to 7pm (phòng phi?u m? c?a t? 7 gi? sáng ??n 7 gi? t?i) Governor Candidates – ?ng c? viên Th?ng ??c The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Sam Brownback (U.S. Senate – TNS ) Web site (trang nhà): Sam Brownback for Governor Joan Heffington Web site (trang nhà): Joan Heffington for Kansas Governor 2010 The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Tom Holland Web site (trang nhà): Tom Holland for Kansas Governor Ken Cannon Web site (trang nhà): Ken Cannon for Governor US Senate Candidates – ?ng c? viên TNS The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Jerry Moran Web site (trang nhà): Jerry Moran for Kansas | U.S. Senate Campaign 2010 Todd Tiahrt Web site (trang nhà): Kansans for Tiahrt The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Robert Conroy Web site (trang nhà): N/A David Haley Web site (trang nhà): David Haley for Kansas Lisa Johnston Web site (trang nhà): Lisa Johnston for U.S. Senate Charles Schollenberger Web site (trang nhà): Charles Schollenberger for U.S Senate Patrick Weisner Web site (trang nhà): Patrick Wiesner for US Senate Secretary of State (?ng c? viên thu+ ky’ ti?u bang) The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa J.R. Claeys Web site (trang nhà): J.R. Claeys for Kansas Secretary of State Elizabeth Ensley Web site (trang nhà): Welcome to Kris Kobach Web site (trang nhà): Kris Kobach for Secretary of State The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Chris Biggs (incumbent – thu+ ky’ ti?u bang) Web site (trang nhà): Chris Biggs – A Proven Leader for Kansas Chris Steineger (a state senator from Kansas City) Web site (trang nhà): Chris Steineger Attorney general The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Ralph J. De Zago Web site (trang nhà): Ralph DeZago for Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt (state Sen. – TNS ti?u bang ) Web site (trang nhà): Senator Derek Schmidt – Official Home Page Insurance commissioner The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Sandy Praeger (Incumbent) Web site (trang nhà): Re-Elect Sandy Praeger David Powell Web site (trang nhà): David Powell for Kansas U.S. Representative, District 1 (Dân Bi?u ti?u bang,??a h?t/khu v?c 1) Jim Barnett (State Sens. – – TNS ti?u bang) Web site (trang nhà): Jim Barnett for Congress Tim Huelskamp Web site (trang nhà): Tim Huelskamp for Congress — First District of Kansas Sue Boldra (educator ) Web site (trang nhà): Sue Boldra for Congress Marck Cobb (Galva attorney and retired Air Force officer ) Web site (trang nhà): Marck Cobb 4 Congress Tracey Mann (a commercial real estate salesman) Web site (trang nhà): Tracey Mann for Congress Rob Wasinger (former chief of staff to Brownback) Web site (trang nhà): Rob Wasinger – Republican – First District of Kansas U.S. Representative, District 2 (Dân Bi?u,??a h?t/khu v?c 2) The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Dennis Pyle (State Sen. – TNS ti?u bang) Web site (trang nhà): DENNIS PYLE – Conservative Republican for U.S. Congress Lynn Jenkins (incumbent – Dân Bi?u ti?u bang,??a h?t/khu v?c 2) Web site (trang nhà): Lynn Jenkins for Congress The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Cheryl Hudspeth Web site (trang nhà): Elect Cheryl Hudspeth 2010 — Kansas 2nd Congressional District Thomas Koch Web site (trang nhà): Koch2Congress Sean Tevis Web site (trang nhà): Sean Tevis U.S. Representative, District 3 (Dân Bi?u,??a h?t/khu v?c 3) The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Stephene Moore Web site (trang nhà): Stephene Moore for Congress Thomas Scherer Web site (trang nhà): Thomas Scherer The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Dan Gilyeat Web site (trang nhà): Dan Gilyeat for Congress 2010 Dave King Web site (trang nhà): Dave King for Congress 2010 Garry Klotz Web site (trang nhà): Garry R. Klotz for Congress Patricia Lightner Web site (trang nhà): Patricia Lightner for Congress Jerry Malone Web site (trang nhà): Malone for Kansas Congress 2010 Craig McPherson Web site (trang nhà): Craig McPherson John Rysavy Web site (trang nhà): John Rysavy for Congress Jean Ann Uvodich Web site (trang nhà): Jean Ann Uvodich for Congress Kevin Yoder Web site (trang nhà): Yoder for Congress U.S. Representative, District 4 (Dân Bi?u ??a h?t/khu v?c 4) The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Jean Schodorf Web site (trang nhà): Jean Schodorf for US Congress 2010 – Kansas 4th Distric Mike Pompeo Web site (trang nhà): Pompeo For Congress Wink Hartman Web site (trang nhà): Wink Hartman for Congress 2010 – Kansas 4th District Jim Anderson Web site (trang nhà): Jim Anderson US Congress | Kansas District 4 Paij Rutschman Web site (trang nhà): Paij Rutschman for US Congress The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Raj Goyle (state Rep. – Dân Bi?u ti?u bang) Web site (trang nhà): Raj Goyle Robert Tillman (etired court services officer) Web site (trang nhà): N/A State Representative, District 10 (Dân Bi?u ti?u bang,??a h?t/khu v?c 10) The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Scott James Barnhart Web site (trang nhà): Scott James Barnhart Terri Lois Gregory Web site (trang nhà): Terri Lois Gregory ]]>