September 27, 2020

My Blog about voting information for Vietnamese

Blog article from Voice of Vietnamese Americans about U.S. election 2010


I forward this link so that you can forward to Vietnamese who could not read English or like to read in Vietnamese language. VVA RADIO Message 10/18/2010 – Election News – Interview Mr. Phan Ngoc Thach about Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, Texas Audio program of the radio. The interview was on Monday on the radio but it posted on Wednesday. However, this will give you a brief description of 12 hotest Congress races in the U.S. from politico in Vietnamese languages: District 2 in Alaska, District 5 in Arizona, District 22 in Florida, District 9 in Indiana, District 17 in Illinois, District 5 in Oregon, District 8 in Pennsylvania, At Large in South Dakota, and District 7 in Wisconsin. A brief talk about what’s on CSPAN last monday, local debate in Northern Virginia between Connolly and Keith Fimina, early voting period, absentee ballot in Vietnamese language. Have a nice weekend,]]>