We Won!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, November 8, 2012   CONTACT: Linh Hoang   hoanghuy@gmail.com, 202-­‐641-­‐5249     We Won! Fairfax, Virginia-­‐-­‐On election night, sixty members of the Vietnamese Americans for Obama, Mid-­‐Atlanti Region (VAFO) joined thousands of Virginians to celebrate the sweeping victory of President Obama, Governor Tim Kaine to the U.S. Senate and the re-­‐election…

Tri Ta Leads on Mayor of Westminster race

FYI, As of unofficial results of 4:29 PM on November 7, Tri Ta extended his lead over Penny Loomer. CITY OF WESTMINSTER Mayor Complete Precincts: 57 of 57 Under Votes: 1,881 Over Votes: 34 TRI TA 8,605 42.46% PENNY LOOMER 6,085 30.02% AL HAMADE 3,928 19.38% HA MACH 887 4.38 http://ocvote.com/fileadmin/live/gen2012/Run10/cumulative.pdf Your Ad Here

Pictures & Video Clips of Tim Kaine for Senator at Eden Center

Tim Kaine’s speech at Eden Center http://youtu.be/zF5loEj9fdU A question for Tim Kaine by a Vietnamese man (11/04/12) http://youtu.be/SBpOZlu-xac Delegate Mark Keam talked about Tim Kaine at Eden Center (11/04/12) Hung Nguyen introduced Tim Kaine (11/04/12) Tim Kaine talked to the people at Eden Center (11/04/12) Binh Ly talked to Tim Kaine (11/04/12) Viet DC radio…

Will Tri Ta Be First Mayor of Westminster?

FYI, Despite not getting endorsement from The Orange County Register, Tri Ta is another Vietnamese candidate for Mayor of Westminster. Here is the link of the article from Los Angeles Times newspaper. Westminster may elect its first Vietnamese American mayor http://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/01/local/la-me-westminster-mayor-20121101 Your Ad Here

Tim Kaine at Eden Center for AAPI Get Out the Vote Rally on Sunday 11/4

FYI, Please join Former Governor Tim Kaine Candidate for U.S. Senate On Sunday, November 4, 2012 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM At the Eden Center For further information, contact Binh Ly at bly@vavictory12.org or call 703-380-6388 for a Get Out the Vote rally with the local Asian American & Pacific Islander community! 6751 Wilson Blvd…

How to Help a Voter at a Polling Place in Northern Virginia

FYI, Here is an example of how to help a voter at a polling place in Northern Virginia. This article was written by Dr. Vinh from Connecticut. On Friday October 26, 2012 I took 3 Vietnamese American Seniors (2 women and one man) to do early voting at the Police Station in the Mason district….

Get Out the Vietnamese-American Vote

FYI, The new president of UNAVSA just announced a new message on this year U.S. election. UNVASA is Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations. UNAVSA’s “Get Out the Vietnamese-American Vote” Campaign! Don’t just register… VOTE! Here is video clip in English. http://youtu.be/rksGJ_hqRYY Your Ad Here